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It's a Luau! (17 photos)


All of the plates, bowls, cutlery, cups and napkins were purchased from Greenplanet It was all biodegradable which can be pretty important in Germany where recycling is a huge deal. Most items were made out of Bamboo and this really helped add to the Luau theme.

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A Luau Theme set up for a 33rd Birthday Party.  We originally planned for a setup outdoors, but we managed to turn the den into a tropical paradise  due to absolutely horrible windy weather.  Out door patio furniture was decorated with tropic scenery decals, but due to high winds, most everything had to moved inside.We brought the plants and tropical scenery in with the patio furniture as well and set up in the den area. Tiki torches were placed in various areas and the bar to get that luau feel.The small bowls and plates are made out of Bamboo. I purchased those, cutlery, cups and napkins and all of the items were biodegradable. A big deal in Germany where everything has to be recycled and your garbage cans fill up quick;y.

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