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Mardi Gras Dinner (12 photos)


Mardi Gras Dinner Party and Decorations

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Recently, I had the opportunity to work with YUM Food & Fun for Kids Magazine on an article all about one of my favorite celebration, Mardi Gras. My family is from the New Orleans area, and our recipes make really big batches–I think I O.D.ed on jambalaya and red beans and rice the week I shot the pictures! With the help of designer Ashley Dickson who was kind enough to create some awesome graphics, Rayna Houveras, ninja photographer, and Jill Luecht Photography, my photo editor, we created a dinner celebration for Mardi Gras. Not everything has to be over-the-top to be special, and my kids might even get this party again is was so simple to do!

Mardi Gras celebrations are easy to have–both big and little–all you need is good food, some bright beads, and willingness to have a little fun. Decorations are loud and colorful, so you don’t need many. Really, just a centerpiece and some beads to drape around the room make a big impact!


For the centerpiece, I covered a Bloombox in scrapbook paper and glued some masks and signs on bamboo skewers and stuck them in a piece of foam in the bottom for them to stand up in. You could use any kind of tall narrow box for this. Then I added some beads and had a very festive centerpiece for my dinner table. Some Mardi Gras-themed linens and a gold charger rounded out the pretty table!

King cake with its tiny hidden plastic baby is the official dessert of Mardi Gras, but our stand in for our party were some colorful cupcakes. Also easy to make–make a white cake,separate the batter into three bowls, and use a gel color to color the batter in purple, green and gold. Put a tablespoon of each into cupcake liner and bake as directed.

Play a little dixieland jazz or zydeco, and break out the Zatarans, and have yourself a great little Mardi Gras dinner!

And all the fun printables I used in here are available in the shop for your Mardi Gras Celebration!


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