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Princess and The Frog Girl's Birthday Party (34 photos)


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My daughter became obsessed with Disney's The Princess and the Frog several months before her 3rd birthday.  Naturally, I jumped on the opportunity to cook up some Cajun and Creole food, dance around to Zydeco and Jazz, and of course, decorate the property in New Orleans style!  I  invaded thrift stores and clearance bins for silly items like plastic flamingos to join in Mama Odi's chorus of healthy nibbles, made Dr. Facilier and Mama Odi's spectacularly unique and identifying hats from felt and scrap linen, and .  We had a tent set up (we had rain in the forecast) for arts and crafts projects, the pool was open for swimming, and we had lots of toys and games set up to encourage running around. Nearly 80 people (adults and kiddos) showed up! I served lots of healthy snacks as well as heartier lunch foods like gumbo and cajun chicken. I thought I had overdone it on desserts, but as it turned out they were DEVOURED, especially the cupcakes (given as a gift from Lightning Cupcakes - an amazing company founded by Lenore Davis of the Healing Hunter Foundation, and a portion of whose proceeds goes towards helping kids fight cancer). 


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