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Nautical Baby Shower (18 photos)


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This weekend I hosted a baby shower for my friend Dorothy who is about to have a beautiful baby girl.  She requested a nautical theme and I couldn’t have been more excited to oblige.  I decorated with lots of blue and white and pops of bright red.  As always, my desk substituted nicely for the serving table.  I made the ocean mural by covering a bulletin board in fabric and then filling the scene with the ship and sea creatures made from paper, fabric, string, glitter and sequins. It was a labor of love.  One that required the use of tweezers!  All of our fantastic friends contributed a dish to the table from (pinterest-y) caprese skewers to wings.  I tried out the Pillsbury recipe for mini fruit pizzas and they were a big hit!  I created the floral arrangements with fresh blooms from the local farmer’s market and a few additions from Trader Joe’s.  I picked up these “AHOY” letters from the fabric store and painted them with matching blue stripes.  One of my favorite details from the day were the pieces of left over scrap wood from our shelves that I used as risers.  Definitely going to use that trick again!  I put drinks and favors on top of what is normally my office cabinet.  We drank Three Wishes wine from Whole Foods (only $1.99/bottle and pretty tasty) and Izze sodas.  The favors were tea light holders from Target that I stuffed with a candle, Ferrero Rocher candies and a bright red nail polish.  I accented the coffee table with a quick fabric “runner” (a yard and a half of fabric folded and ironed), a lifesaver and a floral arrangement.  It was quick and easy, but it tied in nicely with the rest of the room.  I set up a quick station for making onesies and our friend Lindsey provided fabric, iron on adhesive, buttons and sewing supplies.  I hung a clothes line and pins for displaying their creations and they quickly filled it with adorable little outfits for Dorothy to take home.  We played a Jeopardy-style game in teams.  The categories ranged from questions about Dorothy and the baby to “Sailing” and “Birth Stats”.  It was a blast being a game show host and the ladies got fiercely competitive for the Trader Joe’s organic chocolate bars that I offered as the prize.  And of course, we opened presents.  Dorothy got tons of adorable tiny things for her new baby girl that made us all squeal at the cuteness.  It was the first baby shower that I’ve thrown but I think it was a big success.  I can’t wait to host another!

San Jose, California
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