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Stork Express Airlines (18 photos)


Stork Ice Sculpture

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My Mother threw me an Over-The-Top-Baby Shower at the Opera House in Vacaville, CA.

It was a splendid event that included the greatest baby shower theme of all, VIA STORK EXPRESS AIRLINES. There were over 80 guests that attended the shower and it was such a magical day.

Upon arrival the guests had to check-in and sign the guest-book. Then they would receive their ticket (games for the day) a luggage tag (favor) and gate information.

Guests would then pass through security and leave their luggage (gifts) with the attendee.

Before departure, passengers would socialize and enjoy complimentary refreshments.

Once passengers got to their seats and asked to be remained seated, an announcement was made to let them know which gate would be departing first. (so that guests could enjoy the buffet without a long line)

The in-flight cuisine was delicious and passengers were entertained with several activities. There was also a great view of the scenery. (See the ice sculpture and Suitecase cake)

The flight was safe and successful. Passengers were in awe of all the lovely details and the host was very pleased with all of the shower's feedback.

El Cerrito, CA
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