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Backyard Baseball Party (25 photos)


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    Candy & Co. Miami:

    Hello ! Where did you get the wonderful grass?

    • May 5, 2013 at 4:49AM
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  • Dot & Dash:

    The grass that I used on the tables is astroturf from lowes! I had them cut the "runner for the table at 18" accross. Thanks!

    • May 5, 2013 at 2:22PM
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This party was designed for an active set of twin boys who turned 5.  They are lucky enough to have a pastoral backyard and that, along with the fact that there were two to celebrate, led us towards a baseball theme.  

Before the party a baseball diamond was cut into the grass.  Balloons in red, white and blue were placed at each of the bases to add a festive feel to the game.  A large scoreboard, created out of wood painted with chalkboard paint, lent an official feel to the game.

Upon arrival the guests were split up into two teams: team "Tripp" and team "Cooper".  They were given hats in either Red or Blue (depending on their team) and had their player photo taken.  Then dad led an adorable t-bal game; the highlight of which was a sprinkler placed between first and second base.  

After the game bagels and cupcakes were enjoyed in a re-done barn on the property.  After the food was finished a few backyard games, including baseball bat limbo, were played before a piniata filled with gold coins was brought out.  Once the piniata broke the children collected gold coins which they brought up to the "concession" stand to buy candy.  The concession stand included all old favorites such as bats (rock candy lollypops), Balls (gumballs, Peanuts (circus peanuts) and cracker jacks.  They filled little pails with the candy and this, along with the hats, became their favors.  

This was such a memorable party not only for the sweet summer simplicity but also because each twin was able to have their own persoanl day due to the two baseball teams.  Not every person will have a yard to accomodate such a party but if available you simply have to take advantageof it and this party did just that.


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