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Vida's Olivia 1st Birthday Party (39 photos)


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With a lot of love, we created the Olivia themed 1st Birthday Party for our daughter/niece, Vida Salomé. Vida fell in love with Olivia after first watching the show on Nick Jr at the age of 4 months. She instantly starting recognizing Olivia at the store and on TV and would go GAGA over her!!!
We would not have been able to pull this party off by ourselves, and remember, we are 3 sisters who work together! We used the help of our husbands and great vendors!!! Most of the time we want to do everything on our own, but it is impossible because we are busy moms who work, go to school, plus we have our kids activities, etc. Using products that you already have around your home is such a big money and time saver. For example, the lemonade stand was used from an old wood fence; the center piece bases were old text books wrapped with wrapping paper. We did not have much luck finding ready made Olivia pinatas, but you can always buy a plain pinata and you can do a print cut-out to paste on the pinata like we created on the star pinata.
When planning your next party, remember that not everything has to be the same design or color. Mix and match colors and patterns to make your party decor a little unique. In this Olivia themed party, we used different patterns such as damask, polka-dots, and stripes. They all blended together perfectly and all the decor looked amazing with the different patterns in white, black, and red.
We had so much fun planning this birthday party for our princess and everything the end result was a success!!! Something to remember when planning your next event, it is never too early to start the planning!

Credit to our Vendors:

1-Kathryn Harter from Not Betty Cookies
Custom Cookie Order-Olivia the Pig

2-Shannyn Snyder from Sassy Grace Boutique
Chunky Red Girls Dress Up Birthday Olivia Party Favor Bracelet

3-Marisol Mann from SWEETandEDIBLE
OLIVIA Edible Cupcake Toppers

4-Flour Power Cakery

Digital Paper

6-Jacqueline from Cupcake Central
Olivia Cake Topper

7-Veronica from Ronisugar Creations
Candy Apples & Heart Cookies

8-Denise from Dnichy’s Cakes & Cookies
Olivia the Pig Cake!/Dnichys.cakes.cookies

9-Miranda from One Little Minute
Vida’s Olivia the Pig Dress

10-Piñata World
Black & Red Star Piñata

11-La Chiquita
Number One Piñata-Red & Black

12-Cecil from Ciao Zari
Paper Goods Straws, Favor Bags, Cupcake Cups

13-Maria T., Kristina & Roxana-MKR Creations
Invitations, Chocolate Caramel Apples, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Cake Pops, Marshmallow Pops, Decoration, Centerpieces & Cupcake Wrappers


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