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HiLLjO + Shawn's Handmade Bunny Wedding (11 photos)


Mr. + Mrs. Finley

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Handmade Bunny-themed Wedding

Our wedding was a handmade, light-hearted delight. We centered on a sunflower, bunny & butterfly theme. It was basically "the Summer outdoors, indoors." It was very casual with a barefoot bride and a groom in shorts.

We made our invitations by hand. We only had the actual ceremony information printed at the printer. All the envelopes, RSVP cards and wedsite inserts were handwritten. We ordered blue recycled cardstock and matching envelopes. I also selected some handmade paper to get the information printed on and then we mounted it onto the blue backings. We added paper butterfly embellishments and wrapped them in vellum, sealing the wrap with a sunflower sticker. Each one was completely different!

We told our guests to simply "wear their favorite outfits." Some did not disappoint! The colors chosen for the wedding, blue and yellow, some guests also chose to incorporate into their outfits.

We handmade 95% of the wedding. We didn't make the wedding outfits, flowers or hairstyles. Everything else we made or had someone handmake as well. Yes, that included the cake! I baked the cake and after that I got caught up in other bridal duties, leaving me unable to decorate it to my vision. Luckily Shawn's Aunt Dee and my maid of honor Meaghan stepped in and decorated it for me. It was like they went inside my head and made what I was thinking. The cake was 100% perfection. Half of it was "stolen" at the end of the night by a friend/fan of my baking who had joked around that he would be taking a bunch of cake home. Turns out that was no joke!

The centerpieces were simple mason jars that my mother in law handpainted and filled with sand and a candle. She used glass paint for the designs and finished the look with a blue bow around the threads of the jar. They looked spectacular with the hand-painted pebbles she made set around them on the tables.

The main decorations were simple fallen branches from the woods Shawn and I frequently hike through in our neighborhood. We spend hours in those woods tracking deer so it was only right to include some decoration from our favorite spots! Our family members wrapped the brances with ivory tulle, wire-covered bark and embellished them with feather butterflies, sunflowers and ribbon. We hung a main branch over our altar area and hung the others above the dance floor along an exposed beam. I was surprised how many pictures were taken of the beauties and how well they really turned out.

Our card box was actually a birdcage that Shawn's late Grandmother used for her pet birds years ago. We cleaned, painted and embellished it. Shawn did most of the work! It was going to be thrown away the summer before we got engaged but I couldn't let it go! I felt drawn to it for some reason.

In true HiLLjO sock monkey fashion, I hand sewed a pair of sock bunnies to place on our guest book table. We call each other "Bunny" as a pet name, so that is why bunnies of all things were incorporated into the wedding. Our beautiful engagement pictures of us in our beloved woods were placed on the gift and guest book tables. Believe it or not, my husband got them done that morning. We went to the woods with a tripod and then he went and had prints made of them. Yeah, motivated.

Instead of a unity candle we repotted a unity plant. It worked better for us than a candle because of the outside and windy location of the wedding. We found a terra cotta bunny shaped pot to put it in; it was just too cute. It was actually a surprisingly funny event during the ceremony. Another funny event was our butterfly release. The second best man let them go but one just couldn't part from him. All of them flew and fluttered away except for one that was quite attached to his finger for a while. Giggles went all around the venue during these events. I think our guests enjoyed themselves by just being relaxed enough to let out a chuckle.

It was a perfect, romantic and unique celebration of love that we both planned together as a couple. It was very personal and anyone who had not seen us for years got caught up on who we are together very quickly because everything was chosen so personally.

Omaha, Nebraska
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