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Anya's Doc McStuffins Party (13 photos)


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    You all did a great job!!!

    • January 25, 2014 at 11:18AM
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I have been planning Anya's party for about 5 months and I knew that I needed it to be on a pretty small budget and it would involve lots of DIY.  So first I checked out the Disney Jr website to find out what they had to offer for printables and ideas.  I have seen almost every Doc McStuffins show since all 3 of my daughters love it (okay well me too) so I knew the activities I wanted to do.  So I found a few very good ideas and free printables that I used for the Dr. bag and doctor badges.  Check out my pinterest page for most of the ideas

I started working on a really cute invitation which I designed and embellished myself.  The design stayed within the colors scheme of pink and purple, which she loved.  I had them printed out at FedEx Kinkos and went to work embellishing them. 

My next DIY project was the Doctor Kits which I found as a free printable and had those printed out at Kinkos and they turned out absolutely wonderful.  The only thing with those is I couldn't decide which glue to use so I went with the tried and true glue gun which was a little tedious but I didn't want the box to fall apart.

I found the favors at Dollar Tree which was mini doctor kits which were a dollar apiece. So I put those along with bandaids and a little candy (gotta have candy).  The best favor was the Doctor's tags which was awesome because the tags came with the doctor bag printable (free)!  I went to all of the invitees parent's facebook page and had pics of all the kids sent to walgreens and glued them to the tags and placed yarn around it to make a necklace. THE PARENTS AND KIDS LOVED THIS!  (These are all friends and family so they didn't mind me "stealing their pics, lol).

The next thing I did was went to the thrift store to buy about 15 stuffed animals for my activity, the Emergency Room Relay race.  I put the kids into two teams and had the animals in two baskets along with two baby strollers.  The kids had to put their "patients" on the "gurney" and take them to the Emergency room which was two tables that each had doctor supplies.  My husband, nurse Jeremiah, waited at the end and once the kids had checked the heartbeats and given their patient a shot, he gave them a band aid which had to be placed on the patient before they could run back. Thankfully the birthday girls' team won and they were able to eat cupcakes first! :-)  THIS WAS MY FAVORITE PART OF THE PARTY!

I also found free printables for cupcake toppers, which I used for cupcakes and taped to balloons.  For the decoration I made white tissue poms and a teddy bear waiting room using some table cloths that I tied to curtain rod and place the bears and toys inside.

So voila, there's our Doc McStuffins Party!!


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