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A Lorax Birthday Party (14 photos)


A Lorax Welcome - "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing's going to get better. It's not."

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For my little man's 3rd birthday, I threw him a Lorax movie themed party. The event was held at our home, and was a kid-friendly, low-key soiree. I made a Lorax cutout to greet our friends at the entrance to our home. Our dining room  archway was flanked with truffula trees I made using tissue paper poms set on top of candlestics and lamp bases. Helium-filled balloons tied with streamers floated through the party space and the kids loved trying to reach them. My mantel was decorated like a truffula tree forest using mini tissue paper poms on top of paper straws that looked like birch trees. The kids got to make Lorax hats using googley eyes and their handprints as mustaches. I cut out the hat template using my Silhouette Cameo. All the children also had a chance to play Pin the Mustache on the Lorax...the winner got a Lorax activity book! All of the snacks and beverages served at the party were Lorax themed: truffula fruit {grapes}, barbaloot snacks {chocolate teddy grahams and marshmallows}, orange slices, mustache cheese {babybel cheese with american cheese mustaches on top}, humming fish {goldfish}, truffula seeds {edamame}, barbaloot fruit juice {fruitables wrapped in brown paper with googley eyes}, butterfly milk {horizon milk boxes wrapped in white paper with 3D butterflies glued on}, and swomee swan water {water tinted blue with oranged and lemons for flavor}. My favorite food item had to be the cupcakes, though. I made funfetti cupcakes and topped them with whipped cream cheese frosting that I colored green to look like grass. I then sprinkled green sugar crystals on top. A few of the cupcakes were topped with meringue cookie truffula trees. The cupcakes were arranged on a few Boon Lawn Drying Racks to really give the illusion of a truffula tree forest. As they were leaving, each guest received a chocolate mustache "Thank You" lollipop.

Noblesville, IN
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