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Katherine & Friend's Rock Star Diva Party (22 photos)


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Katherine and Friends Rock Star Diva Party

Friends, Music, Singing, Dancing, and Celebrating turning 9!  Did someone mention Rock Star Diva?  And a hot pink carpet entrance?  Sounds like a fun party!

My daughter, Katherine and three friends celebrated their ninth birthday with a Rock Star Diva Party.  The party girls dressed in matching black t-shirts with custom ironon images, hot pink sequined mini-skirts, and black leggings.  In the week leading up to the party they practiced singing and dancing as a rock star girl group to kick off the party in style.  Their friends were likewise encouraged to dress up in star-studded attire.

A stage was set up for singing and dancing for all to participate.  Hot pink feather boas lined the stage with each of the birthday girls having her own name and star.  The DJ, Rockin Ron’s Mobile Productions, provided microphones for the stage performances and kept the party rolling with dance music.

An explosion of hot pink and zebra print decorations provided a festive atmosphere to this outside party.  Star shaped cookies, iced cupcakes, and strawberry-blueberry fruit cups were just a sampling of the treats the rock stars chose for their celebration.

Party Favors:  The birthday girls wanted to share CDs of their favorite musical selections with party themed labels as concert souvenirs.


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