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Parisian Gender reveal baby shower (35 photos)


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This gender reveal baby shower was organized for a French mom-to-be. I used pink and blue colors for the party. The centerpiece of the party was Parisian style candy buffet. I made pink and blue tutu for both dessert and cake tables. On the dessert table we had lots of candies, french macaroons, cupcakes, chocolate and Eiffel tower cookies. For the backdrop I used a beautiful black and white painting of a chandelier. I also made signs out of the scrapbooking paper and attached them to the tutu and walls. At the entrance I set up the voting station. Arriving guests were required to choose who they think the parents will have - a boy or a girl - by droping a baby pin in either pink or blue baby bottle. The window of the restaurant I decorated with pink and blue baby clothes with eiffel towers. For the gift table I made a diaper stroller cake wrapped around with handmade eiffel tower blanket. At the end parents revealed that they having a boy by opening a big box with blue balloons.


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