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kara's party ideas book

If you’re someone that loves a good party AND a good book, then I’ve got some REALLY good news to share!

Party guru Kara Allen (of the popular Kara’s Party Ideas blog) is releasing her very first book in just a few short weeks… on October 9th to be exact! Kara’s Party Ideas is filled with delicious photography and in depth “how to” info on 13 wonderfully creative party themes, including 7 never-before-seen and 6 fan favorites. Added bonus: the book comes with a CD of matching invitations and party printables!


I included a few sneak peeks from the book below and can confirm that it’s just as creative and full of eye candy as you’d expect.  I actually thought it would be really fun to shed some light on the author though too… so scroll down for some insight from Kara, straight from the hostess-turned-blogger-turned author herself! ;)

kara's party ideas book sneak peek


HWTM: Can you share a little bit about how you got into the business of parties? Was it something you planned or more of a “surprise path” for you?
Kara: I started really obsessing over parties when my first son was born, although I have always loved them. I was always the one to throw parties for my friends & family while growing up. I’ve always been one who wants to celebrate big no matter what the occasion! I never knew that being obsessed with party planning would bring me here, though! It’s definitely been a surprise path, but a very fun and exciting one! I have had to pinch myself quite a few times!

HWTM: You’ve featured your ideas online for a long time now. What inspired you to take the leap from web to the printed page, and was the process easier or more difficult than you anticipated?
Kara: Because of my love for event design I went into a large book store years ago and scoped out the entertaining/party books. Although some of the books were really well done, there wasn’t much there. I thought about how much fun it would be to write a party idea book, and have dreamed about it ever since! Its been a goal for a long time now. It’s still so surreal that it’s actually happening, though!  

HWTM: Which is you very favorite theme/chapter from the book and why? And which do you anticipate will be the most popular theme with readers?
Kara: That’s a hard one! I love all the parties for many reasons. They are all so different, too! If I had to chose just one though it would probably be the circus train party. I’ve loved circus parties for years, and will always love them (even though I’ve styled quite a few now) :].

kara's party ideas - circus party

HWTM: Speaking of themes, is there one you haven’t taken a crack at yet that you’re just dying to work on?
Kara: Oh, there are so many! I’m always thinking of different party themes! I’m really excited for my upcoming bicycle party & zoo themed party, though! 

HWTM: The dedication in the front of your book to a longtime friend is very sweet! Were you around to see Sarah’s reaction when she first read it? Or is that moment yet to come? ;)
Kara: That moment is actually yet to come! She doesn’t know yet. 

HWTM: The book officially comes out on October 9th. Are you doing anything special to celebrate the release?
Kara: We are having a big launch party at a bookstore in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah! I’m really excited (and nervous) :]. 

HWTM: Okay, so let’s do a quick rundown of some of the accomplishments on your plate right now: popular blog, online party shop, C-TV show, iTunes App, new book… not to mention 3 boys! What’s next for Kara? Assuming there’s anything left, that is! ;)
Kara: Up next is…a vacation! Haha. No, it’s all been incredible & so much fun! I feel so blessed! There’s other things in the works, but I’m okay with taking a little break for the time being (don’t know if I can sit still for very long, though) ;].


Kara’s Party Ideas officially becomes available on October 9th, but you can preorder anytime on Amazon. Congrats again, Kara – and have a blast at the launch party!