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Modern Pop Star Birthday Cake Topper

As part of their milestone birthday celebration, I was asked to dream up and share some creative ideas for throwing the Ultimate KIDZ BOP Pop Star Party at home! I wanted to keep things very upbeat and playful, and was inspired by the fun, summery color palette in their new album.

Here’s a list of the party ideas included below:

Note: these sections start after the first 6 images, which give a good overview of the entire party. Clicking on a link will jump you directly to that section.

Pop Star Party Printables:

My Pop Star printables are available in our store! Use them to add instant style and personalized details to your party. 🙌 You can edit the custom text yourself – right on the website – whenever (and as often as) you need to! Click here to buy this collection.

Pop Star Party Printables

Life of the Party:

KIDZ BOP is also celebrating the debut of  KIDZ BOP 32 right now! This album includes an original KB song called “Life of the Party“. Find tour dates & more info here.

And now… onto the party inspiration!

Pop Star Party Photo Booth

DIY Microphone Cupcakes - Pop Star Party

Pop Star Birthday Party Dessert Table and Backdrop

Pop Star Party Decorations


If you want to keep things easy in the party music department, KIDZ BOP has some great playlists on Spotify that are ready to go! Since my kids are younger, we like The Ultimate Kids Playlist, which is geared for kids ages 5-9.

And if you have kids that are a little older, check out The Ultimate OMG Playlist, which is geared for kids ages 8-11.

ACTIVITY #1: VIP Badges + Pop Star Band Names

It’s important to make every guest at your party feel like a VIP! Greet them with printable “All Access” VIP Badges when they arrive, and use clear ID sleeves and lanyards to give the badges an authentic concert vibe.

Printable Pop Star Party VIP Badges

The flip side of the VIP badges is the perfect place for your guests to show off their pop star “band name”. For this activity, you’ll need to a Pop Star Name-O-Matic sheet to display (as seen below) and printable Tour Cards. Ask each guest to figure out their band name and write it on a Tour Card. (Younger kids may need some assistance with this.)

It’s fun to hear ALL the different band names that get created, making this a great ice breaker activity too!

Pop Star Party Band Name Activity - Free Printable
ACTIVITY #2: POP-arazzi Station

Printable Pop Star Party Photo Booth Props

What would a pop star party be without cameras flashing everywhere, right?!

Make your pics extra fun with themed props for guests to use when they strike a pose! We set out inexpensive items like kid sunglasses and costume concert mics, and made playful stick props from printable Pop Star Photo Accessories hot glued to wooden dowels (which are available in packs at craft stores).

Displayed next to the accessories were an 8×10 POP-arazzi Sign and I (heart) MUSIC Banner.

Printable Microphone and Sunglasses Photo Booth Props

Silver foil curtains and balloons make for super simple, yet effective POP star photo booth backdrop! I used 2 curtains here and simply taped them to the wall, then added colorful balloon bunches on each side.

This same set-up works great as a “stage backdrop” for karaoke and lip syncing activities too.

Kidz Bop Pop Star Party Photo Booth


In addition to taking regular photos with our digital camera, I bought an Instant Film Camera that creates mini Polaroid style pics, and we let the kids play “photographer” too.

I can’t tell you how much they absolutely LOVED this!

My own girls thought it must be some sort of magical device… it was hilarious to watch the amazed looks on their faces as the pictures developed. I realized that they rarely see pictures printed out anymore – especially ones that appear in front of them instantly!

Pop Star Party Polaroid Activity

We were also able to use the mini Polaroids that they took in our next crafty party activity too…

ACTIVITY #3: Design Your Own Album Cover

Designing album covers was another big hit with the kids – and it also created a good excuse for some down time after all the singing and dancing and running around. ;)

Pop Star Party Activity - Decorate an Album Cover

I ordered blank record jackets online, then printed large KIDZ BOP Logos in black and white and cut them out by hand. The logos were glued to the album covers to create a coloring template for the kids.

Craft supplies like washi tape, glitter glue, markers, and rhinestones were placed in the center of the table to share. Each guest also received their own mini crayon pack embellished with a cute headphone-wearing party circles.

ACTIVITY #4: Pin the Tour Bus on the Map

I always love a fun twist on a classic game, especially when it plays up the theme. So instead of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”, we played “Pin the Tour Bus on the Map“!

Pop Star Printable Game

You can download my 36×48″ Tour Map – and print it as a Color Engineering Print at Staples for less than $12!

We had Tour Bus Game Pieces with large windows where each guest could write their name. You’ll also need to add rolled tape or a sticky adhesive dot to the backside of each  game piece. The player whose bus is closes to the star wins!

To play again, let the winner of the previous game put a new star on the map and start the game over.

The POP Station (Party Drinks)

Including soda POP at a pop star party is kind of a no brainer, right? ;) I found bottles of blue and yellow soda, removed the labels, and designed Soda POP Labels to wrap around them.

Pop Star Party Drink Labels

I couldn’t resist working “Pop Station” into this area as a play on soda pop + radio genre. ;)

printable pop star soda bottle wraps

POP HITS Birthday Mix (The Dessert Table!)

Next up… the dessert table! Because this post is already lengthy, I’m including just a quick peek at the dessert table below, but you can click here for a closer look!

Pop Star Dessert Table Ideas


We sent guests home with “candy microphones” made from candy-filled tubes and printable Microphone Tops! I found the 6″ tubes online and filled them with a yummy custom-color Candyfetti™ mix.

Pop Star Party Favors

Hope you feel inspired to throw your own POP STAR PARTY now! Check out the new Life of the Party video on YouTube if you need some extra inspiration. ;)

Kidz Bop 32

Pop Star Party Editable Invitation

Pop Star Party Printables:

Printables are my favorite *secret weapon* for adding unique style to any celebration! Click here to customize my Pop Star collection for your own party – instantly, online. 🤗

Pop Star Party Printables

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for KIDZ BOP, which records kid-friendly versions of today’s biggest pop music hits sung by kids, for kids. As always, all thoughts & opinions are my own. Thank you so much for supporting the companies that make it possible for HWTM to keep the creative content coming your way!