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Kitchen Towel Mermaid Tails (No-Sew!)

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Little ones will love dressing up with these pint-sized mermaid tails, and you’ll love how EASY they are to make!

I’m no seamstress myself (although I wish I was!), so I’m always looking for workarounds when it comes to projects that might normally require a sewing machine. Of course, these are just meant for party or playtime use, so they don’t need to “last forever” or anything like that. 😉

This project is perfect for younger guests at any Mermaid Party and is SO quick and cute. 🙌 You basically make “pigtails” on one end of the towel, then bind those together to form the mermaid tail shape. Read on for full instructions below…


Kitchen Towel Mermaid Tails


You’ll Need (per tail):

  • Kitchen Towel (in color/pattern of your choice)
  • 3 Elastic Hairbands
  • Ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scrapbook Paper Flower (or similar)
  • Medium Rhinestone


1. Pinch the bottom of a kitchen towel into 2 equal portions to create a mermaid tail shape. Use elastic hairbands to secure each side.

2. Use a third elastic band to bind the 2 sides of the tail together, then accent it with a sparkly scrapbook paper flower (hot glued).

3. Hot glue a ribbon (for tying around the waist) to the inside of the top of each towel. Done!


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