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fairy birthday party

This post is kind of a reverse on the usual style – instead of featuring ideas, I’m hoping that you guys wouldn’t mind sending some over this way!

I’m helping some friends put together a first birthday party for their daughter on short notice, and mom is looking for a Tinkerbell-inspired “Woodland Fairy” theme. The party will be in a backyard setting and there will be both adults and kids ranging from 1-8.

I designed a digital invite for her yesterday that shows the general look & feel we’re imagining for the party (address info has been changed). If you have any fun ideas for themed activities for the kids, decorations, desserts, shopping resources for fairy themed decorations, etc – please let me know… I’m pressed for time these next few weeks and any help would be greatly appreciated!

Also – the birthday girl’s dad is a photographer, so we should be able to capture the end results and post them after the part to help inspire future “fairy party” hostesses!