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sugar scrub station party activity

Want an activity idea for your party or bridal/baby shower that your guests will find extra *sweet*? Try a Lip & Sugar Scrub Station!

(You can also do just Lip Scrub or just Sugar Scrub at your station… I did both in this example, though.)

One of my favorite things about sugar scrub stations is that they don’t require a lot of hand-holding… especially if you’ve got printable signs displayed with the recipes! 😉 So your guests can enjoy the activity at their convenience without needing a lot of guidance from you.

A Versatile Activity for Any Theme

This type of activity works well for adults and older kids (about age 8 and up) and can tie in well with almost ANY party or bridal/baby shower theme. These photos are from our Love Potion Valentine’s Day Party, but I did almost the exact same setup for a bridal shower recently, too! Just switch up the colors, signage, & fragrance oil flavors to match your theme. 💖

Lip Sugar Scrub Making Station Ideas

Setting Up the Station

Below are the exact recipes and products I used for this station + tips on how to arrange everything. Each guest made 1 sugar scrub and 2 lip scrubs.

You can also find lots of other sugar scrub recipes online if you want to change things up! The most important thing for party flow is displaying all the materials in a way that makes things easy & accessible for your guests.

I used one long table and put the main ingredients in the center + sets of mixing bowls and spoons etc on either side. This way the entire length of the table could be utilized well.

Lip Sugar Scrub Making Station Ideas




Display Containers & Materials:

  • 2 large bowls – for sugars
  • Measuring cups – 1/2 cup, 1/4 cup
  • Mason jars for holding spoons (2)
  • Plastic spoons
  • 3-part dish (I used a “bathroom organizer”)
  • Small bowl (for more dried flowers)
  • Decorative glasses (2) – use as holders for the measuring cups
  • 4×6 frames (2) – I used Tolsby frames
  • Risers (2) – upside-down vases or jars for elevating the frames
  • Printable Signs & Labels – I used our Love Potion Printables
  • Paper Bowls – (for the mixing sugar scrub)
  • Gold Glitter Plastic Cups(for mixing the lip scrub)
  • Large Plates to help guests contain spills – optional
  • Lip Scrub Containers (2 per guest)
  • Sugar Scrub Containers (7.7 oz size – 1 per guest)
  • Stickers or Party Circles to decorate the Sugar Scrub Containers – optional

Don’t stress if this list looks like a lot… it’s just because every single thing + the purpose of it is listed! Many of the non-disposable items are things you probably already own (bowls, measuring cups, glasses, risers, etc.)

Lip Sugar Scrub Making Station Ideas

This is the Lip Scrub Recipe we used… but you can use any recipe you like! This recipe filled 2 small lip scrub containers per person, with a little bit leftover.

Lip Sugar Scrub Making Station Ideas

Pictured above: a pink-tinted, Cotton-Candy-flavored lip scrub. 💕

Lip Sugar Scrub Making Station Ideas

And here’s the Sugar Scrub recipe… again – modify however you like!

Lip Sugar Scrub Making Station Ideas

Printable labels make everything feel so much more organized (and look cuter, too!). 😉

Lip Sugar Scrub Making Station Ideas

Overhead decorations made the table feel even more festive, like these honeycomb + tassel decorations from the party aisle at Target:

Lip Sugar Scrub Making Station Ideas

Treat Yo’self!

I set the lip & sugar scrub containers up on a separate side table so there’d be more room for mixing at the main station. We also had some fun extras like novelty heart sunglasses on this table. 😍

Lip Sugar Scrub Making Station Ideas

The cute hearts on top of the sugar scrub containers are large puffy heart stickers I found at Target. You can also use printable party circles to decorate the lids – that’s what I used for the Abstract Glam bridal shower.

Personalize It

I made “name tags” for each guest (using the same printable label designs from the sugar scrub station) and hot-glued them onto small favor bags. This made it easier for guests to carry their creations home and not lose track of which scrub belonged to who. 💕

Lip Sugar Scrub Making Station Ideas

The printable labels are available in the full Love Potion theme or a la carte.

Hope this inspires you to set up a Sugar Scrub Station at your next party! If you have any questions at all, please ask away in the comments. 😊

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