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DIY Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas

I’m so excited to share this Unicorn Birthday Party Theme with you! It features a pastel rainbow palette and totally doable DIY ideas. 🙌

And even though some of the printable designs feature a 1st birthday, most of these ideas would work well at unicorn parties for any age. For example: magical unicorn punch, DIY unicorn headbands (made from sugar cones!), and a simple homemade cake decorated with marshmallows from Lucky Charms.

That’s right – sometimes the perfect, easy cake decoration is just a CEREAL BOX away! 😜

Homemade Unicorn Birthday Cake

1. Rainbow Unicorn Cake

Even though I love them, I rarely buy custom-made cakes for the parties we host… partly because I’m always last minute, partly due to cost, and partly because I hate missing out on a chance to sneak some cake batter. 😋 I really love how this homemade cake turned out though, and there’s even more magic inside! Get the Instructions here.

2. Rainbow Pasta

My own kids went particularly crazy for the rainbow pasta and it’s easy to see why! Have you ever seen a prettier batch of buttered noodles?! Get the recipe here.

Rainbow Pasta with Star Shaped Puffs

3. Unicorn Horn Treats

These sprinkle-covered goodies were a big hit too! Get the recipe here.

Unicorn Party Food - Sugar Cone Horns

4. DIY Unicorn Headbands

Here are my own kids modeling the Unicorn Headbands… they’re always happy to be “paid” in treats! 😉 Get the headband instructions here.

DIY Unicorn Party Headbands

5. Magical Unicorn Punch

This party punch was inspired by blue skies and rainbows + dusted with edible stars! Get the recipe here.

Unicorn Party Punch

Rainbow Unicorn Party Food and Garland

6. Rainbow Tissue Tassel Garland

I ordered a custom-color tissue tassel garland kit from Flair Exchange and embellished the tops with glittered ribbon. (You can also make these from scratch using tissue paper, but having the tissue arrive pre-cut and ready to go definitely saves a bunch of time!)

P.S. If you’re wondering about the super darling Unicorn Pinata pictured in the first image – I ordered that from Etsy. I love that piñatas can pull triple duty as party decor, photo props, AND a party activity!

For more ideas & inspiration, check out our Unicorn Party archives!

Magical Unicorn Printable Collection:

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