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5 Tips for Styling a Margarita Station

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Margarita Station Printable Sign


Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner, so you know what that means… bring on the MARGARITAS! 😉 And my brand partner, Master of Mixes, makes it SUPER easy to do just that. More on this below.

While we’re talking margaritas, though, I think it’s *highly* important to note that they’re pretty darn tasty at ANY time of year! So with that in mind, these tips were designed to come in handy whenever you’re in the mood to fiesta, whether it’s for Cinco de Mayo or beyond.

Fresh Elements + Fiesta Vibes

Even though bright colors and flowers are typically involved with fiestas, there are still LOTS of design directions you can take. For this Fiesta-Inspired Margarita Station, I wanted to create a fresh, “farmer’s market” vibe with a mix of vibrant colors, rustic elements, and a little folk art flair. This look could easily extend into other areas of your party as well! (Download the free printables here.)

DIY Colorful Margarita Station Ideas

1. Select Your Key Flavors

There are so many margarita flavors to try out these days, but it will overwhelm guests (and yourself!) if you have too many options. I like to start with 3 key mixer flavors and then offer a few different ways to enjoy them.

I went with the Master of Mixes (traditional) Margarita, Blood Orange Margarita, and Mango Daquiri/Margarita mixers for this drink station.

Festive Margarita Mixers

2. Map Out Additional Recipes & Ingredients

You can enjoy all of these mixers the quick & easy way: mixed with tequila, then blended or on the rocks. However, you can also set out just a few extra ingredients to build onto your key flavors and create additional drink options.

For example, here’s a peek at one of my favorite cocktails from this drink station – the Cinnamon Whiskey-Rita! It’s made from 4 oz of the Blood Orange Margarita Mixer + 2 oz cinnamon whiskey and is just SO GOOD!

Blood Orange Cinnamon Margarita

Since peppers were going to be a decorative element for this theme, “spicy” seemed like a great flavor tie-in as well. Hot sauce and jalapeno slices made it easy for guests to spice things up with Jalapeno Margaritas.

Spicy Margarita Recipe Ideas

Ingredients for scratch cocktails are another easy way to round out your station.
Master of Mixes also makes Cocktail Essentials – like this Single Pressed Lime Juice, Agave Nectar, and Triple Sec. Use these in place of – or in addition to – the one-step mixers to make it easy for guests to make their margaritas just how they like ’em!

And if they’d like some inspiration for a great scratch margarita, check out this Top Shelf Agave Margarita recipe.

Easy Top Shelf Margarita Recpie

Here’s another look at the cocktail that became an instant fav for me this month… check it out if you want to try something a little different!

Blood Orange Cinnamon Whiskey-Rita

3. Tools & Barware – Gather & Assess

Before you can functionally organize your drink station, all the tools & containers need to be gathered. This means glasses, bar tools, ice buckets, small bowls for garnishes, decanters, etc. If you’re serving margaritas blended and on the rocks, you’ll need room for a shaker/tools AND a blender.

It’s important to see how much space your necessities will actually take up. I often find myself cutting things down at this point because there’s not enough space for it all.

If you have LOTS of people coming over, you might consider multiple blenders, shakers, etc. While every party situation is unique, it’s always important to keep things streamlined and easy for your guests.

Cinco de Mayo Printables Free

A Note on Glassware
As much as I love sipping margaritas from pretty stemmed glasses at restaurants, I opt to serve them in rocks glasses (or sturdy disposable tumblers for larger parties) when it comes to home entertaining. To each his own on this one, but for me, it just makes things easier and less “spilly” all around. 😉

4. Set Up & Organize the Station

When it comes to setting up a pretty drink station, figuring out where to put everything can often be the most difficult part! It’s important to make sure everything is well-organized, easy to access, and not overly cluttered.

There also needs to be enough free space on the station for guests to set their glasses down while they mix up and garnish their drinks. This is something that’s often overlooked.

Don’t be shy about borrowing free-standing shelves and tables from around your house to act as surfaces for your station. The folding white shelf pictured here was a $30 purchase and has been a staple at almost ALL of my home parties for the past 5 years. It’s held everything from bar glasses and party favors to photo props and ice cream toppings!

Cinco de Mayo Drink Station

I’m also using a desk as the main “table” for this station. When you don’t have a built-in outdoor bar, you’ve got to get creative! I love using desks for food and drink stations because you can use the drawers to store extra napkins, drink stirrers, bar tools, etc.

5. Style it Up! (Add Printables & Decorative Details)

As usual, printable designs played a big part in the look of this station. The free printables include a Margarita Station Sign, two 4×6 Signs (Cinco de Mayo & Spice it Up), and a papel picado inspired Banner!

Other creative details included DIY drink stirrers made from wooden beads (hot glued to bamboo skewers), mini sombreros as “lids” for the liquor decanters, and the cutest cocktail napkins with fiesta fringe.

DIY Fiesta Cocktail Stirrers

I also used my cutting machine to make temporary vinyl labels for the decanters and the hot sauce bottle. (The font is called Madina Script.)

Festive Margarita Station Ideas and Tips

I hope you’re feeling in the mood to FIESTA now! 😉

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