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mary had a little lamb birthday party dessert table

As the mom of a toddler that sings the popular nursery rhyme all the time, this sweet party feels especially near and dear right now, but I’m pretty sure that ANYONE can appreciate the major cuteness factor of this adorable Mary Had a Little Lamb birthday party!

In addition to the happy color palette and sweet “little lamb” birthday cake, I’m loving all the homespun details in this playful party by Kristen of Kristen Duke Photography. Don’t miss the handmade felt banners and zig zag streamers, as well as the matching birthday girl that dress Kristen made for her daughter!

lamb birthday cake - mary had a little lamb party

hapy birthday banner - mary had a little lamb

mary had a little lamb birthday party supplies

mary had a little lamb birthday entrance decorations

mary had a little lamb birthday party and cake set up

mary had a little lamb birthday table and homemade dress

mary had a little lamb birthday party milk chocolate

mary had a little lamb birthday party peeps

mary had a little lamb birthday party


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Kristen

Lets just say that I was a little excited to plan, prepare, and throw a party for my 2 year old. When she was 20 months old, we noticed that her baby mumble was more like the tune of a song– Mary had a little lamb to be exact.  We realized she had heard it over and over when her big sister would plunk it out on the piano.  She hums/sings it all the time, so I thought it would be a fun theme to work around (being right before Easter was quite helpful in the lamb category).

I think of pastels with that song, and I don’t love pastels.  So I decided to modernize it a bit with the darker pink, blue, and adding a little yellow to the mix. I ransacked blog-land for ideas, and I had to narrow them down, there were so many fun options! I am so grateful for my friends Lorie and Juliet for helping me be decisive with the table arrangement, and for Juliet making the cutest little lamb cake for us!

My friend Aimee from Sprik Space made my sign for me at the last minute (the night before!) when I begged her via facebook message.  She is a high school friend who is a great graphic designer and has lots of free printables on her blog. I made the banner the night before, our houseguest Lindsey helped me cut it out. I purchased the pre made letters at Hobby Lobby, made out of chip board. The circle banner and streamers definitely made the place festive all around!  It is just circles cut out of felt (a lot of circles) and with my sewing machine, made one long strand.

Since this party was the day before Easter, we combined it with an egg hunt.  We invited the families of her little friends, so there was quite a group. For milk bottles, I was worried about glass breaking, so I bought a pack of Sunny Delight bottles at Sams Club and I wrapped them with ribbon, my circle printable, and cute straws.

I love that my daughter was so excited to help with cutting for the zig zag streamers because it was a bit tedious, but oh so worth it. So, yes, I made the dress. I sorta combined a few tutorials from MADE. (She has so many great tutorials on there, I want to do so many!)  Funny thing is, I went to put it on her the morning of the party and low and behold, could not get the thing over her head.  The ric rac at the waistline was too snug, so I had to pull out a few seams and shove it on.  It was also a little snug over her torso, but it appeared she could still breath fine, so it stayed on for the day.  I guess it was a one time use, but worked for what I needed it for!

The vintage window on the table I borrowed from my friend Michelle, but I’d love my own!  I put some fabric behind it to spruce it up. Water pitchers from Target in the dollar section, I made the big print on wood (found in our garage) with paint and paper. It was lots of fun!  I have always loved doing parties for my kids!

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