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The secret ingredient for creating cute “Crab Sandwiches” in a PINCH? 🦀😉 Wiggle eyes! 👀

These sweet little crabs are perfect for a Mermaid party or Under the Sea party theme. They also make a great “just for fun” meal for your kiddos. (Especially with The Little Mermaid or another family-friendly ocean movie streaming at the same time! 😉)

To make these at home, just hot glue wiggle eyes to toothpicks, then insert them into mini croissants or crescent roll sandwiches. Don’t you love it when things are EASY?! You can also mix up the sizes of the wiggle eyes to create a more playful and silly vibe.

We made simple turkey & cheese sandwiches here, but you can use whatever filling you like… even breakfast sandwiches would be fun!

Serve with a side of shells-n-cheese and a yummy blue punch to keep the ocean theme going. 🌊

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