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Mermaid Lagoon Party Drinks

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Mermaid Party Drink Idea

Your little mermaids will be sipping pretty with this playful mermaid party drink! You can use any blue punch recipe you like (my simple one is below)… because the REAL “mermaid magic” happens in the way you serve it.

Skewered candy helps to create the impression that a couple of fish are “swimming” in the punch, while a sparkly flower adds a pop of color to the top. I used daisy-cut mason jar lids here because they have pre-cut holes you can utilize to keep the skewer in place. (I also painted the top of the lids for a little extra color, but that step is totally optional!)


Mermaid Lagoon Party Drinks


You’ll need:

  • blue party punch (see below)
  • mason jars with daisy-cut lids
  • gummy candy fish (like Swedish fish)
  • bamboo skewers (the thinnest possible)
  • scrapbooking flowers
  • rhinestones
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • bendy straws


1. Trim bamboo skewer sticks to be about 1” taller than the drink jars, and hot glue flowers to the top of the sticks.

2. Slip a flower-topped skewer through one of the small holes in the cut-out portion of a mason jar lid. Next, add 2 gummy fish to the bottom of the skewer. (Utilizing the pre-cut holes in the mason jar lids to keep the bamboo skewers in place will ensure that the gummy fish stay horizontal and look like they’re “swimming” in the punch!)

3. Make the punch. I used equal parts Blue Hawaiian Punch (Polar Blast flavor) and Sprite for these.

4. Fill the mason jars up with punch, then top with the lids. Insert colorful straws for sipping. Done!

Mermaid Party Mason Jars

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