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DIY Mermaid Princess Wands

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Equal parts princess and mermaid, these ocean-inspired Mermaid Princess Wands pull double-duty as a fun party activity AND a pretty favor to take home!

They’re also easy to customize in any color you want. I used craft paint with a pearl finish and sheer ribbons for some added “mermaid shimmer”. 😉 Display them in a jar filled with sand so they’re easy for little ones to grab, and let the make-believe Mermaid Party fun begin! 🧜‍♀️

Mermaid Princess Wands


You’ll Need:

  • starfish (I bought these at Michaels)
  • rhinestones
  • wooden dowels
  • acrylic craft paint (pearl or metallic finish)
  • thin ribbons
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors


  1. Paint the wooden dowels with craft paint and let dry.*
  2. Cut 3 lengths of ribbon to tie to each dowel, about 1” down from the top.
  3. Add rhinestones to the center of each starfish, then hot glue the starfish to the top of the dowels.

*Tip for painting dowel rods:
To paint wooden dowels, I usually hold the bottom of a rod and paint everything except for the part down by my fingers. Then I’ll stick that unpainted part into a brick of floral foam to keep the whole dowel standing upright to dry. Once the painted part is dry, I’ll flip the dowel upside down and paint the remaining part, then stick the (already dry) end back into the foam to let the remaining paint dry. The foam brick will hold several dowels, and you can paint a bunch of them at once this way.

Mermaid Party Wands

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