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hot cocoa bar printables

Need a fun {& easy} idea for your holiday party or wintery get together? Warm your guests up with a Gourmet Hot Cocoa Station where they can choose from yummy mix-ins like flavored marshmallows and spirits or liqueurs to create their own tasty drink.

We all know the little ones love hot chocolate, but I wanted to create something especially for the adults this time around, so this particular Hot Cocoa station (from our Sparkle & Shine Metallic Dinner Party) features gourmet peppermint, chocolate, and vanilla marshmallows and a pretty bottle of rum that guests can splash in to mix up a hot toddy! You can make your own flavored marshmallows – or just buy them to keep things easy – and get creative with the liquor mix-ins: brandy, coffee liqueur, raspberry liqueur, Peppermint Schnapps, etc. are all great options for flavoring hot chocolate.


Scroll down for pics + links to download all the free Party Printables pictured here. You’ll also find ideas for some easy DIY metallic dessert toppers created from tinsel-infused yarn and craft poms + metallic gold pipe cleaners. ENJOY! :)


metallic hot chocolate station>

gold drink swizzle sticks

silver and gold party ideas - drinks dessert and centerpiece

DIY dessert toppers

metallic yarn poms

pier 1 party printables

gourmet flavored marshmallows

cheers drink party circle


Check out more how-to details and pictures from this Sparkle and Shine Metallic Dinner Party right here.



– Festive mini yarn poms made from tinsel-infused yarn & attached to toothpicks
– Other toothpicks topped with sparkly craft poms + chenille pipe cleaners
– Toothpicks embellished with printable party flags reading: TASTY, SWEET, YUMMY
– Drink Stirrers: Bamboo skewers topped with sparkly craft poms + pipe cleaners
– Hot Cocoa Mugs embellished with printable party circles



Flavored Marshmallow Tent Cards (pre-filled)
Mini Dessert Flags (TASTY, SWEET, YUMMY)
Metallic Dinner Party Circles (as seen on the Hot Cocoa mugs)
Hot Cocoa Station Signs (5×7 and 4×6)
Decorative Party Signs (“Raise a Glass” and “Let’s Get Together”)

*Check out more Printables from this dinner party right here.


If you download these printables or plan to use them for your parties please leave me a note – thank you! :)