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Trick or Treat? If you’re looking for something good to eat (or drink!) this halloween, here are a few tempting ideas…
Goodies seen here include: (starting from top)
Pumpkin Patch and Monster’s Ball sugar cookie tins from Elenis (yum!), Assorted Halloween Petit-Fours from Grandin Road, and Halloween Bat Crackers from Plum Party (love the packaging!).

Now for the drinks…Fun for all ages: Black Lemonade (pictured) and Jack Black’s Orange Stash (not pictured) by Skeleteens, Boylan’s Orange soda, and the Halloween 2006 Jones Soda mini-cans! Find these limited-edition Jones Soda flavors in-store at Target! (or click here for more info on them).

Fun for the over-21 crew: Stolichnaya Orange vodka, Bacardi O Original Orange Rum, Blavod (BLACK vodka!!) and Orange Curacao from Dekuyper. Check out drinksmixer.com for fun concoctions you can make with these spirits…

And last but not least – don’t forget to dress up your drink! These Black Cat drink charms and swizzle sticks are perfect for Halloween cocktails and mocktails!