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Modern Blessings Baby Shower {Centerpieces & Decor}

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baby shower centerpiece sign - gold glitter

A very special, surprise celebration.

Late last year, I was asked to contribute some baby shower decor to help make a certain lunch date for two very deserving new moms extra special.

These moms – Sarah & Adrienne – are cancer survivors that were diagnosed while pregnant (can’t. even. imagine.), and this lunch date was actually a very intimate, surprise baby shower hosted by Giuliana Rancic as part of a Fab-U-Wish she was granting for them. You can learn more about Sarah & Adrienne’s story and their Fab-U-Wish weekend right here.

The shower was in a hotel suite in Chicago and I’m in San Diego, so we shipped everything there. I don’t have images from the actual styled lunch table, but we did take a few pics of the elements that were sent back post-party to share (ran out of time to do it before we sent it out, of course!). Anyways, these centerpiece & decor ideas are very “general baby shower” friendly and could be translated into all sorts of baby shower themes or color palettes! 

blue yellow gold baby shower ideas with chevron

Lunch was the focal point of this shower, so we focused on making that table extra pretty. I ordered a Yellow Rico linen and Tropical Blue Tuscany napkins from La Tavola to set the foundation of the design.

We crafted up a baby carriage and baby blocks centerpiece for the main table + some accent decor for the side tables, and designed a bunch of paper elements for the place settings (napkin rings, place cards, party flags), as well as some party signs & banners. Since everything had to be shipped, flowers were out of the question, so I leaned on my favorite non-perishable accents instead: yarn balls and glitter!

baby shower centerpiece - gold carriage with crafty details

MODERN BLESSINGS Baby Shower Theme & Centerpieces

The hostesses didn’t want a specific theme other than “baby shower” for the decor, but I always need some sort of idea to help anchor the designs. It felt very relevant in this particular case to go with a general theme of of “blessings” that focused on thoughtful quotes and patterns as key elements of the decor, so our “Modern Blessings” theme was born.

The baby carriage centerpiece was definitely my favorite detail! The wheels are missing some embellishments due to cross-country travel and back, but I figure you get the general idea. ;)

We used party circles and glittery gold stars as giant table confetti chair back accents, and decorated some frames for the quote signs…

blue gold baby shower decorations - party circles and sign

In addition to being used as filler for the baby carriage centerpiece, yarn balls were displayed “bouquet style” in embellished bud vases from Ikea.

baby shower centerpiece sign - quote

Below is a closer peek at some of the details on the wire baby pram, which I had already spray painted gold for my friend’s Royal Baby Shower earlier last year. 

blue and yellow baby shower - paper decor details

For the finishing touches, we added a (hand-cut) silhouette banner near the wheels and a happy “cheers to mom!” party flat to the top that had a similar look to the party flags (which were used on straws at each place setting).


  1. Michelle - I DO invitations by michelle March 11, 2014 at 10:37 am

    I just stumbled across this post and how amazing. Love the decor – especially your trademark yarn balls in the baby carriage. Adore this.

  2. Denice October 9, 2014 at 6:28 pm

    This carriage I’m in love where can I find them please xoxo

  3. Abigail December 6, 2015 at 12:47 pm


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