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A Pretty & Modern Horse Birthday Party

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horse birthday party cake and birthday girl

I’m so excited to share the details of this sweet Horse Birthday Party!

When I found out my friend was hosting her daughter’s 8th birthday at a horse ranch in Auburn, I offered to do a little decorating for it. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to design a horse theme and basically jumped/pounced at the chance. 😆 🥳 💕

The ranch was amazing on its own, so a fun kids’ party table + simple snacks & drinks were all we really needed. Read on to see how it turned out…

Party Corral Printables

Horse Birthday Party Printables

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horse party kids table ideas

*Artsy Horses* Birthday Party Table

I wanted this table to feel artistic, modern and inviting. Most of the elements were purchased at Target! The yellow & white “table linens” are actually curtain panels (one of my fav decorating tricks!).

The place settings featured gold glitter plates and 2 totally different styles of napkins, which added to the artsy vibe. Printable personalized name cards were the REAL star of the place settings, though. The horses in these triangle-shaped cards instantly highlighted the party theme, and kids always seem to love seeing their names on things. (Don’t we all?! 😜 )

kids at a horse birthday party

Themed Printable Signs

I designed a few matching signs to use here are there… one was an activity sign that we personalized for (rancher) Honey’s golf cart and another was a themed welcome-style sign:

horse birthday party printables

young girl riding a tan horse

Horse Party Snacks & Drinks

The snacks and drinks were simple and easy… bagged chips, lemonade, and cake! I set the snack table up in the barn, then moved it outside once the kids were done riding and ready to eat.

horse party snacks and drinks

I used crates, burlap, and extra bud vases to *pretty up* the snack table. And of course, the Party Corral printables were a big help here, too. 😊

horse party drink station sign

The same triangle “name card” designs from the party table were used as oversize labels for the crates. You can customize the text on these cards to make them work however you need! (I also used one on the birthday girl’s gift bag.)

horse party snacks and labels

Table Centerpieces:

The center of the table was lined with a random mix of small bud vases and faux succulents.

To make the party feel more “birthday-ish”, I added some mini balloon bouquets to the tallest vases. The balloons are tied onto wooden dowels covered with party straws.

pretty horse party kids table

The yarn poms scattered around the vases are from a store-bought decorative garland. I just pulled them right off the string! You can also make your own yarn poms of course, but when I see a workable shortcut – like this inexpensive banner that already had all the right colors – I will pretty much always jump on it. 🙌

Here’s an iPhone pic of the garland from when I was shopping so you can see the “before”:

yarn pom garland pink yellow teal

The triangle accent cards have both Cowgirl and Cowboy versions (with 2 unique designs for each version). I especially love how this one looks paired with the gold star napkins:

personalized horse party place cards

What a fun experience for these kids all around! Lots of cute pics taken and memories made…

young girl walking a pony

kids horse birthday party ideas

Happy Trails Party Favors

I stumbled on some really cute mini notebooks & pens at Michaels and instantly fell in love with their artsy vibe.

These favors weren’t “horse-themed” on their own, but personalized gift tags from the printable collection tied them in perfectly with the rest of the party!

horse birthday party favors

Couldn’t resist working in the phrase “Happy Trails” somewhere too! This printable ribbon banner is similar to the one displayed on the cake. (See the very first image in this post for a closer look at the cake.) I used 3D glue dots to attach this little banner to the wooden container.

Future Party Corral Fun…

Even though I didn’t have a ton of areas to decorate at this party, we still used a lot of signage and labels!

I’d also still love to create a full dessert table one day inspired by this Sugar Corral sign. 😍  Big paper flowers, mini barrels of candy with artsy accents, the birthday girl’s name spelled out in twisted rope or wooden letters… so many fun options!

horse party printable dessert sign

Also… is it just me or would these designs work REALLY well at a bridal shower or bridesmaid luncheon for a horse-loving bride-to-be?!

horse party personalized place settings

For more horse party inspiration, check out our Horses & Ponies party archives.

There are lots of horse-inspired party ideas in our (very extensive!) Kentucky Derby Party archives, too. You can always change up the colors or modify a few elements from a “Derby” idea to make it work for a birthday party, too.

Party Corral Printables

Horse Birthday Party Printables

My Party Corral printables are available in our store. They make it so EASY to add pro designer style & personalization to your event. It’s like instant branding for your party! 🙌 Click here to buy this collection.

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