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Kitty Cat Birthday Party Ideas and Free Printables

Calling all cat lovers! This one’s for you. 🐈

These playful Kitty Cat Party Ideas are part of a project I designed for Fisher-Price, and it’s seriously one of my all-time favorites.  I just love the modern simplicity of it all… especially the CAKE! 💛

Everything here is super easy to recreate – without skimping on style. 🙌 (Isn’t that the best kind of combo?!) If you’re planning a kitty cat birthday party yourself, get ready to look like a crafty genius. 😉✂️💪👏

Wanna use my free printables? You can download them here!

DIY Kitty Cat Party Plates

1. Kitty Cat Party Plates

Turn simple round plates into super cute kitties with a little craft felt! The secret is using STIFF felt though (not the floppy-doppy kind).

DIY Kitty Cat Cake - Easy & Modern

2. Kitty Cat Birthday Cake

This party-hat-wearing-cat cake makes me so happy! See the full cake tutorial here. 😻 All of the decorations (aside from the pink “collar”) are made from paper. No fondant skills required.  🙌

P.S. Wanna make this cake even easier on yourself? Order plain white cakes from your grocery store bakery (10″ and 8″ rounds), and stack ’em. OR have the bakery make the entire cake, and just add the topper yourself. ✅ 🎉

Cracker and Cheese Mice - Party Snack

3. Cheese and Cracker Mice

My kids (and myself!) have LOVED the triangle-shaped Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges for years. Little did I know they’d come in handy as “mice” one day. 😂

Seriously, though – they make a great foundation for the cutest little mice, don’t you think? Raisin bits (eyes & nose), sliced almonds (ears), and dry chow mein noodles (tails) complete the look. Triangle pita crackers make them super easy to pick up.

Mouse Shaped Snack Idea for Kids

DIY Kitty Cat Headbands

4. Cat Ear Headbands

Everyone at the party (grown-ups, too!) will look super cute in a pair of these easy-to-DIY cat ear headbands. You can free-hand cut the ears or use my printable cat ear template as a guide.

Mouse Hunt - Kitty Cat Party Activity

5. A Game of Cat and Mouse

This Mouse Hunt activity is basically a good ol’ fashioned Easter egg hunt, but with eggs that look like cute little mice! (All you need is a sharpie pen to draw the faces on + some yarn “tails”.) I designed some printable bag tags to make gathering them extra cute too. 😉

Modern Kitty Cat Party Banner Printable

6. Printable Birthday Cat Banner

Who doesn’t love a cat in a party hat?! These printable “birthday cats” look so fun strung into a banner. 😻 Add little craft poms at the top of each hat for extra cuteness.

P.S. I think these would make darling gift tags/embellishments, too!

Free Printable Kitty Cat Party Invitation

Kitty Cat Invitation

It’s not a party without the guests! Download this printable birthday party invitation to invite them in style! 💛


Hope you have some fun with these! For lots more kitty cat party inspiration, check out our Kitty Cat Party archives here on HWTM.