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Monster High Birthday Party Centerpiece Idea

If you’re looking for ways to make your Monster High Birthday Party MONSTROUSLY creative & sweet, you’ve come to the right place!

From simple themed treats to creative backdrop ideas, you’ll find lots of (very doable!) inspiration in this “Freaky Fab Fun” Dessert Table, which I recently designed for Mattel® as part of their #TRUBestBirthday Program. The Monster High dolls – specifically Draculaura, River Styxx, and Getting Ghostly Twyla served as such great inspiration for the details of the table, and also did a monsterrific job holding up little signs and banners for some of the treats. ;)

Speaking of the signs and banners – click here to get the FREE PRINTABLES from this theme.

Freaky. Fab. Fun.

The theme of the my Monster High party was “Freaky. Fab. Fun.”, so I brought played this up on the dessert table by literally spelling it out. ;) I glittered paper mache letters for “FAB” in the center of the table, then designed paper talk bubbles to print and cut for “Freaky” and “Fun”. DIY paper chains garlands hung above the table and really gave it a fun vibe:

Monster High Theme Dessert Table

Most of the treats on the table were store bought or “semi DIY”, meaning that you buy a ready to go dessert from the grocery store, then doctor it up a bit to customize it for your theme, like the cupcakes below, for example. I ordered plain pink and blue cupcakes from my local grocery store, then added Monster High Icing Decorations and large pink heart sprinkles that I had leftover from Valentine’s Day:

Monster High Cupcakes

Incorporating the dolls into your treat displays is a great way to instantly theme up the dessert table! I placed the Getting Ghostly Twyla (below) and Draculaura dolls on plates of rock candy sticks and designed little paper banners for them to hold:


More easy themed treat ideas: “Haunted” Stained Glass Jello + Black & White Cookies:

Monster High Party Ideas - Free Printables HWTM

For a cute treat idea that can also double as a take home favor, fill push pop containers with Monster High colored candy, then embellish them with patterned paper and little printable bows, as shown above.

And sometimes all you need to do is give a store bought treat a clever name (and display it on a coffin-shaped food label!):

Monster High Party Dessert Ideas

Monster High Candy Sticks - Reaper Rods

River Styxx + PixyStix became “River’s Pixie Styxx”! And yes… I realize now that I spelled “pixie” differently than the candy name, but I think it works either way. ;)

Monster High River Styxx Doll

The candy/dessert labels and 4×6 signs shown above are all included in the free printables.

The paper chains like the ones hanging above the dessert table were also utilized for the Monster High Photo Booth backdrop, which you can check out in detail here.

DIY Paper Chain Garlands

The other thing that made a huge impact on this table is the embellishments. I stuck big satin bows, craft gems, and paper silhouettes of Monster High inspired lips and bows all around…

Funky Pink Satin Bow

The DIY “risers” that for the plates of rock candy are actually made from inexpensive lamp shades & scrap fabric! I really love how they turned out:

DIY Dessert Stand

Monster High Party Draculaura Doll Treats

Hope you’re able to utilize some of these ideas at your own Monster High Party! Stay tuned for more inspiration coming soon, and be sure to check out Part 1 (photo booth & activities) if you missed it.