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A Moon & Stars Themed Charcuterie Board

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moon and stars themed charcuterie board

This moon & stars charcuterie board is the perfect family-friendly treat for a night of stargazing at home! It also works beautifully as a creative appetizer idea for any “under the stars” or outer space-inspired celebration. ⭐️🪐🌙

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Moon & Stars Charcuterie Board



*19.6 oz size used here
**I used a sampler pack from Sam’s Club that came with Proscuitto, Dry Coppa, & Sweet Soppressata


  • Large Round Serving Tray or Board
  • Small Ramekin
  • Star-shaped Cookie Cutter
  • Banana (to use as a placeholder) + Aluminum Foil
  • Mini Star Cutter (optional)


1. Use the cookie cutter to create a star shape in the center of the brie. (Remove the star and set it aside to serve separately.)

brie with cookie cutter star

2. Wrap the banana with foil to create a “crescent moon” shape.

3. Set the brie, foil-wrapped banana, and ramekin on the serving tray.

charcuterie board - banana placeholder

4. Fill the star cut out in the brie with jam, and fill the ramekin with almonds.

5. Begin arranging dark-colored snacks all around the banana (chocolates, blueberries, blue corn chips, etc.), and meats and cheeses on the other side of the tray.

charcuterie board in progress

6. Remove the chocolate truffles from their wrappers and add them to the tray.

Hershey Nuggets Milk Chocolate Truffles

7. Continue adding more snacks until the tray looks nice and full.

8. Gently remove the banana from the board, and replace it with white cheddar cheese puffs. Continue adding puffs to create the shape of a crescent moon.

9. Use the mini star cutter to create tiny cheese stars from sliced cheese. Garnish the meats with these stars.

cheese stars

10. Optional: Just before serving, sprinkle edible gold stars on the brie (and anywhere else that you like!).

edible glitter stars on charcuterie board

Serve and enjoy! 😋

stargazing themed charcuterie board

This charcuterie board is part of a sponsored project I created for Hershey.

For lots more Stargazing Party ideas – including easy drinks, decor, activity ideas, and quick tips – visit my full post on Hersheyland.com!

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