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NEW Monthly Call For Submissions! {+ Guidelines}

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hwtm call for submissions

Hi Everyone! I’m excited to share that this month we’re kicking off a new monthly Call for Submissions. We get so many submissions already that you may call us crazy for requesting more… BUT, in our continuous effort to deliver the best – and timeliest – content to our readers throughout the year, we thought it would be smart to actually give you a little heads up regarding what’s on the horizon for the editorial calendar!

And while we normally require some exclusivity for our standard submissions, when it comes to the featured Call for Submissions topic each month, No Exclusivity is required! Feel free to submit past work or parties that have previously been featured elsewhere, in addition to brand new parties, recipes, DIY tutorials, etc… it’s a big world out there and chances are good there’s a whole new crop of people your work can inspire! We 100% encourage any and all ideas, from the big to the small. Sometimes, simple ideas can be even more approachable and far reaching than an over-the-top bash… but of course we don’t shy away from those either! ;)

We’ll be having a “Call For Submissions” on the first of every month. For the following months, check our social media outlets for the announcement: HWTM Social Community, Facebook, Google +Pinterest and Twitter.



Your Info: 

– Full Name
– Email Address
– Company Name (if applicable)
– Blog/Website Address (if applicable)
– If this party has been featured elsewhere, please include a link to the feature.

Party Details:

A description of the theme, decorations, food/drinks, and any other details that may apply such as favors, activities, DIY projects, shopping resources, etc.


– 15-50 images that are unwatermarked/uncollaged and at least 600 pixels wide.
– Send images through dropbox or upload an album to our free social site. (Sign up here.) If you wish to keep your album private so that others do not see it until it is featured on the HWTM blog, simply set the album to “Private” until you’re ready for it to be public. (HWTM editors will still have the ability to view album submissions that are set to “private”, but no one else will be able to access them.)

Vendor Credits & Resources:

Please include the names of vendors that should be credited in the post such as photographers, florists, bakeries, etc. along with links to their websites. Relevant shopping resources with links are also appreciated.


Thanks for reading, sharing and submitting to Hostess – we love featuring and highlighting all of the amazing talent out there! We hope to see lot’s of creativity in our inbox! ;)


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  5. @DesignDazzle May 1, 2013 at 5:16 pm
  6. Lisa Frank June 11, 2013 at 10:20 pm

    Have the new Call for Submissions topics been announced for June or July yet? I’m a new member, so perhaps I missed the announcement.

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