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So… as I mentioned before, this week has been super hectic :0 Sincere apologies for the light posting – but in addition to our first participation in a big, out-of-town event on Wednesday and my "regular" job, we had a full day photo shoot for hwtm yesterday and I was seriously running on empty. Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the new party themes we worked on yesterday that are coming soon to hwtm.com …Hope you like! {click images to view larger}

Double Happiness… (bridal shower, engagement party, adult birthday)

double happiness: modern Asian party theme
Bedtime Story (baby shower or first birthday; no furniture moving required…these are rectangular tables {the kind your rent for parties} made to look like beds, and the cost of the duvet/pillowcase combo from IKEA is only a couple bucks more than renting a tablecloth for a day!)…

modern baby shower party theme: bedtime story
(engagment party, rehearsal dinner, milestone birthday, etc)…

contemporary dinner party Stay tuned for more details!