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New Year's Eve Party Table - Black Gold Blue

I’m extra excited to share my latest project for Balloon Time with you because it has BALLOONS and GLITTER… AND CHAMPAGNE! I don’t know about you, but these 3 are all definitely on my list of favorite things. 😉

New Year’s Eve is all about celebrating and PARTY TIME – so my goal was to create a festive table that felt glitzy and glam, but that was also easy & affordable.

I designed printable paper stars for the place settings, tossed some tissue confetti on the table, and stretched pieces of cut balloons around champagne flutes to give them a pop of color. 🥂

Ombre Glittered Champagne Bottles + NYE Balloons

The main “star” of the table is the centerpiece, though…

It’s a bouquet of balloons embellished with metallic letter stickers (the kind from an office supply store) tied to an ombre glittered champagne bottle.

These bottles are SO FUN TO MAKE! Scroll to the bottom of this post for full details:

New Year's Party Ideas - Balloons and Free Printables

Ombre Glittered Champagne Bottle - Silver Gold Blue

I just love how these bottles turned out! And yes, they’ll still chill up nicely when you want to drink them later. ;) These would make for a show-stopper hostess gift too!

DIY Ombre Glittered Champagne Bottle Tutorial

I stuck glittery foam star stickers (purchased at a craft store) back-to-back on  fishing wire strings for a “floating stars” effect under the balloons:

DIY New Year's Party Ideas

Gold and Blue New Year's Party Table

Scroll to the bottom of this post for the Materials & Instructions. HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)



Give your New Year’s Eve party a big dose of glam with this sparkly, bubbly-inspired centerpiece! Covered in an ombre-style coat of blue, silver, and gold glitter, the champagne bottle serves as a glitzy holder for celebratory balloons with “floating star” strings. This design looks great on its own or as the focal point of a festive New Year’s Eve dinner table.


Glittery Champagne Bottle Base:

  • champagne bottle
  • dark blue glitter
  • silver glitter
  • gold glitter
  • Mod Podge (or glittering glue)
  • paint brush
  • 2 small prep bowls (for mixing glitter)
  • 5 paper plates
  • clear high gloss spray sealant (optional)

NYE Balloons:

  • balloons in shimmery blues, silver, gold, and black
  • Balloon Time Helium Tank
  • fishing wire
  • metallic number and letter stickers
  • glitter foam star stickers


1. Paint a strip of glue (approximately 2”) around the bottom of the champagne bottle. Pour a generous amount of blue glitter directly onto the glue, turning the bottle slowly to completely cover the glue. Hold the bottle over a paper plate to catch and save the excess glitter while you work.
2. Mix a few spoonfuls of blue and silver glitter together in a small prep bowl. Repeat step 1, using the blue and silver glitter mix and a new paper plate. Make sure to use a separate paper plate to catch the excess glitter for each layer.
3. Add the 3 remaining silver and gold glitter layers – starting with all silver, then a mix of silver and gold glitter, and finishing with a layer of all gold glitter at the top.
4. (Optional) Seal the bottle with a high-gloss clear spray sealant.
5. Fill 5 balloons with helium using the Balloon Time Helium Tank and add fishing wire strings. Use metallic letter and number stickers to add short celebratory phrases to the balloons. Tie the balloon bunch to the bottle, then add sparkly glitter foam star stickers to the balloon strings for a “floating star” effect.

For a festive New Year’s Eve table, combine this centerpiece with free printable NYE Place Setting Stars, tissue confetti, and champagne flutes embellished with strips of balloons stretched around the center!

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