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Minecraft Party Ideas

Hi, there! Rachel here, from RV Parties, with the latest installment of Parties in a Pinch: Where to Save and Splurge. If only we had unlimited budgets when party planning… but alas, in most cases there’s a cap to what we can spend. I’m here today to share a few tips for hosting a party that makes a big impact – by wisely choosing where to save and where to splurge.

This Video Game Party was hosted by Jenn of Peanut Butter and Jenny Photography. Her kiddo is outgrowing her penchant for an outrageous themed party – he really just wants to be a tween and hang out with his friends! A video game party was a perfect compromise – she still pulled off a styled, impressive party that he loved.

Minecraft Party Creeper Juice

SAVE… on Decor!

Jenn put together a great backdrop that made a huge impact – using items she found at her local party store! The crepe paper wall, banner and balloons fill a large space for cheap, but still give her party a custom look by using colors in her pallete. The Minecraft characters (Steve, Creeper and Enderman) were all found at Target and the kids had a blast playing with them.

Mincraft Party Decorations

She set her table using paper plates and plastic flatware on a crisp white tablecloth. Her centerpiece was various video game consoles and controllers. Such an affordable and easy way to have a beautiful and coordinated table.

The bottle wrappers and signs are an Instant Download from Etsy – another quick and cheap way to decorate for your event.

SPLURGE… on Entertainment!

The most important thing to the birthday boy was having fun – not a multi-tiered fondant covered cake. Jenn splurged on a game truck where the boys had a blast playing video games!

Minecraft Party Video Game Truck

SAVE… on Sweets!

The boys didn’t care so much about whether their cupcakes had matching toppers and wrappers… they just wanted the sugar. A friend put together the awesome themed cake, and Jenn made the cupcakes.

Minecraft party cake

A platter of Oreos on the table was an extra burst of sweetness – in case the other goodies weren’t quite enough!

Mincraft party table ideas

SPLURGE… on Favors!

Sending the guests home with a thoughtful token was important to Jenn, so she commissioned her local cookie artisan to put together these awesome Wii-mote cookies! A small, thoughtful touch touch that made added an element of style to her party.

Wii remote control cookie party favors

Every party and guests have different needs, but by creatively balancing different areas of the party you can impress your guests, thrill your guest of honor and not break the bank.

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