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puppy and kitty party decor ideas

Meow! Woof! All pets are welcome here :). Louisa Kopp from the adorable blog, Ice Cream off Paper Plates, styled this equally adorably Playful Puppy and Kitten 2nd Birthday Party for her son’s big day! Louisa put lots of love into this party, creating all of the food & sweets, the invitation AND just about every bit of decor! Using lots of yarn, newspapers, stamps and other common items was a super clever way for her to get the most out of similar things (i.e. yarn balls, yarn wrapped letters, yarn banners, etc.) and probably stay on budget! That’s what I call the cat’s meow ;).

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • DIY ‘Bow Wow,’ ‘Fancy Feast,’ & ‘Litter Box’ banners + DIY dog & cat plates
  • Paw print napkins, picture mats & tent cards + yarn & paw print ‘2’ decorated party hats
  • Dog collar wrapped drinks, cups & invitation + dog bone decorated tent cards
  • Primary colored bday outfit, decor & M&M topped birthday cake + hanging 2s & a puppy piñata

dog and cat birthday party mantle decorations

puppy and kitten party invitation

second birthday party photo shoot

dog themed food and dessert table

DIY dog and cat plates

primary color palette for a 2nd birthday party

meow cat themed birthday party

puppy kitty party hats

homemade puppy chow and kitten chow

puppy party piñata


PARTY DETAILS as told by Louisa

For my son’s second birthday party, we threw a kitten and puppy themed celebration. The decorations, in bold primary colors, included DIY yarn balls, mini rolled-up newspapers, pet toys (mice, balls and tug toys), children’s cat and dog toys/books (pull toys, plush animals, etc.), and more. The jars were wrapped with paper pet collars. Number 2’s were also part of the decorations — scattered on the tables, hanging as “tags” on the tablecloths, and as food labels.

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