Flamingo Baby

Custom Letter Banner

Who doesn’t love their name on a banner? It’s kinda like seeing your name in lights but with WAY more fonts and colors. You can make your banners say other very important things too – like CHEERS, HOT DONUTS, HEY BABY, and TREAT YO’ SELF – just for starters. ENJOY! (another good word for a banner, btw)

P.S. This design is part of my Flamingo Baby Shower theme. Click here to see the full collection.

Love this look? Make it yours.

With 2 design styles to choose from for this banner, you can…

  • separate the words on your banner by style (Example: type HAPPY in one style and BIRTHDAY in the other).
  • use both design styles in a single word or name by alternating the letters. (Example: For a “‘LOVE” banner, type L, V on the first banner style and O, E on the other.)
  • just use a single style – pick your favorite!

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