///Ready to Rock

Ready to Rock

First Day of School Sign

Personalize their Back to School Signs – instantly! Edit the text to add your child’s grade, school name, and the calendar date.

Prefer to leave some info off? No problem! You can use the Customizer to delete text or replace it with different info too. 🙌

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2 responses to “Ready to Rock”

  1. Sandra Martinez says:

    HI! I am having trouble accessing your file. Every time I log in, it forgets I have logged in and takes me back to the same screen. Any chance you can help with this? I would love to make these signs for my son’s school. Thank you!

    • jenn s. says:

      Hi Sandra –

      I’m so sorry about this! Often times this type of thing happens due to browser caching. Can you please try refreshing the page? That should fix the issue and reflect that you’re actually logged in. Please let me know if that works! :)

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