Virtual Cocktails

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Many of us have no choice but to celebrate at home right now… might as well have a little fun with it! 😉
I made some “Virtual Cocktail Party” designs for a friend that had a March 2020 birthday and wanted to share it (for free!) here too.

ALL text is editable, and I’m including a few font styles to give you good options for short & long names, but you can also choose from over 100 other fonts in the drop down menu!

If you’ve got a birthday coming up or wanna host a virtual happy hour just to break up the days, I hope you can have some fun with these. 💛

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2 responses to “Virtual Cocktails”

  1. Angie Makovy says:

    This is great!!

    Would you happen to have one for a kids birthday during all of this??

    • jenn s. says:

      Hi Angie! I was thinking of doing one but wasn’t sure how much of a need/want there was for it. Is a similar design to this one what you’re thinking of? (but swapping out “Cocktail” words & icons for “Birthday” of course!)

      P.S. I’ve also opened up a couple other kid-friendly designs for free recently: Pancakes & Pajamas and Movie Night.

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