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Dinosaurs extinct? Not in this fabulous feature! I am pretty positive that any kiddo that attended THIS party {by Debbie of Wants and Wishes Design} had a RAWR-ing good time.  The color scheme?…Fun & Fresh!   The treats?…perfectly themed to draw you into the land where these dynamic creatures are alive and partying!

This pre-historic party was complete with mini-molten volcano cakes exploding with deliciousness, decorative party hats came to life with dino-spikes and guest “archeologists” (kids) were sent off on a hunt for dinosaur eggs!

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Read on for more festive pics of this RAWR-ing fun party!

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Debbie…

RAWR means Happy Birthday in Dinosaur!

We had a lot of fun & exciting desserts. I made exploding molten lava volcano cakes as individual treats for each of the guests. These were a huge hit and so easy to make! (Step by step directions & recipe are also available on my blog.)  The other desserts we had were cupcakes topped with dinosaur toys that they could play with, dinosaur fossil sugar cookies, a hot lava trifle {which is layered crushed chocolate filling Oreos, gummy worms, a small cluster of chocolate dinosaur eggs, crushed Oreos and cherry balls for the lava balls}, and if history repeats itself, I’m so getting a dinosaur’ favor topper with chocolate dinosaur eggs!

Another big hit were my dinosaur party hats with spikes down the back. We had a wide range of ages and all the kids loved wearing them. Some even took their dinosaur party hats off while we had the dinosaur egg hunt because they didn’t want it to get ruined (it was a really windy day).

For the dinosaur egg hunt we transformed mini watermelons into dinosaur eggs and hid them around the backyard. Here’s the step-by-step tutorial. The small watermelons worked great because they are big and heavy, but not too heavy for the kids to carry around. Some of the guests took the dinosaur hunt very seriously and loved playing with their dinosaur eggs, carrying them all over and placing them in wagons and all kinds of containers! It was a fun little hunt and then we ate the watermelon as part of lunch.

We served dog-o-saurs (hot dogs), chips and watermelon (from their ‘dinosaur eggs’). The party was a huge success and all that attend had a roaring good time!”

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