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romantic valentine's day centerpiece ideas

In continuing with Part 1 of Romantic Decor: Red, Black, & Lace, here’s another (surprisingly quick!) centerpiece idea for a special Valentine’s Day dinner…

romantic valentine's day centerpiece ideas


For this centerpiece you’ll need:

  • a shallow black vase/dish
  • some (sexy!) red lace
  • white flowers with large, “fluffy” blooms (China mums used here)
  • 3 pedestal candle holders (the ones pictured here are from Ikea – 1 of the 9″ size and 2 of the 7″ size, but you can also find them at places like Michaels)
  • 2 red candles (votives or tea lights)
  • a single large-bloomed red flower (like the tinted spider mum used here or a large open rose)
  • Optional embellishments: red craft rhinestones & black river rocks.

Fill the shallow vase about half-way with water.

2. Place the tallest candle holder in the center of the vase.

3. Trim the stems of the white flowers to be slightly shorter than the height of the vase, then insert them into the vase & around the stem of the candle holder to create a flower “bed”.

4. Fill the tall candle holder with river rocks (optional), water, and the large red bloom.

5. Decorate the vase with a band of red lace, using clear glue dots, clear-drying craft glue, or hot glue to secure the ends. Add rhinestones to the corners if desired.

6. Place the red votive candles into the 2 shorter pedestal holders and set them on either side of your main centerpiece. Done!

P.S. This centerpiece also looks pretty displayed on top of a “table runner” either made from or accented with black lace.