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Safari Baby Shower Centerpiece - Pink Blue Gold Animals

As much as I LOVE animals in (party) crowns, I’m actually excited to share this post with you guys for a couple of other reasons too:

1. If you’re looking to throw a Royal Baby Shower, you’re in the right place. You’ll find lots of very doable decorating ideas here! Plus, my Royal Safari Baby Shower printables will make things extra easy for you to recreate at home.

2. I get to talk about the power of PAPER in parties… two of my favorite things! I was asked by the Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds™ campaign to share tips on how paper can help us create unique & customized experiences for our guests. Since paper designs are pretty much front and center in all of my own events, I don’t think there could be a more fitting topic to cover here. Hooray! :)

Royal Safari Baby Shower Banner - Free Printable

My career background is in graphic design, and I always rely on stylish paper elements to both inspire a theme and put the finishing touches on an event. You know, those things that take a project from good to great!

From small details like mini paper flags on straws to big elements like custom banners displaying the guest of honor name(s) across the room, paper is a wonderfully versatile decorative tool and always makes a huge impact on the party space.

I truly believe there’s no centerpiece, dessert table, place setting, or party favor that can’t be substantially improved with a cleverly placed paper detail (or two!).

As they say, though, a picture is worth a thousand words! So instead of just telling you that paper elements can bring your party to life, I designed this Royal Safari Baby Shower theme to help demonstrate it. Just think of how different this party would look without all the colorful paper details…

Gender Neutral Safari Baby Shower

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the place settings.
This set-up is very simple and a bit bland on its own, but a colorful paper onesie placed on top of the napkins makes ALL the difference! I have printable onesies for you guys below in both blue and pink so you can create a boy, girl, or gender-neutral baby shower with them.

Baby Shower Place Settings - Paper Onesie

Dress up your drinks.
These mason jars are “balloon-dipped” for a nice pop of color, but the gold paper straws with giraffe and lion party flags are what really make them match our party theme.

Mason Jar with Safari Giraffe Straw

Next up, the centerpiece:
I found animal figurines for about $3 each, then spray painted them to match my color palette. The painted animals (displayed on an upside down plant pot) are cute on their own, but add a few strategic paper details and you’ve got an EXTRA-adorable – and uniquely “Royal Safari” – baby shower centerpiece…

DIY Royal Safari Baby Shower Centerpiece

I glued little (freehand cut) paper crowns and party flags to each animal, and cut out leaf shapes from colored card stock to decorate the display stand.

Guest of Honor Chair
Baby showers are about making mom-to-be feel special, so I like to use small paper banners to help designate her very own “guest of honor chair”. Since this is a Royal Safari celebration, our guest of honor gets to sit in a “Safari Queen” chair this time. ;) A mix of cut ribbons adds a pretty touch to all the chair backs as well.

Baby Shower Chair Banner - Free Printable

Getting crafty with paper circles…
You can add a big splash of color to ANY table with oversize confetti punched from solid and patterned papers. I used circle craft punches ranging from 1.5 to 3” here.

DIY Paper Garlands and Confetti

You can also string your paper confetti into mod circle garlands! Sewing the circles together is the fastest way to create a lot of these garlands, but if you don’t know someone that’s handy with a sewing machine, don’t fret… you can always hot glue or tape the circles to your string instead. I used a few paper circles to make “tassels” for some of the balloons too.

Speaking of balloons… nothing says party like balloons & BANNERS, right?! Banners are especially great for personalizing a party and highlighting your theme.

Royal Safari Baby Shower Banner

Last, but not least, are the party favors!
It’s always great to send guests home with a sweet thank you gift that matches your theme AND is something they’ll actually use. For me, that usually means giving them an edible treat with customized packaging.

Safari Party Favors and Printable Sign

Here, I filled clear favor tubes with Candyfetti and hot glued gold animals to the bottom. Printable paper flags help to explain exactly what they are… “Safari Sprinkles”! ;)

Safari Party Favors - Candyfetti Safari Sprinkles

The (Party) Power of Paper

So, to quickly recap, here are all the places that paper helped me bring this baby shower to life: place settings, drinks, centerpiece, table runner (as confetti), balloons (as tassels), walls (as garlands and banners), and party favors! If I had created a matching dessert table, you’d also find paper lining the dessert trays, topping the cake, and labeling all the treats with playful names.

Regardless of what theme you might be planning, though, I hope this post has helped to demonstrate what paper can do for you when it comes to styling and customizing your parties! For lots more examples of the power of paper in action, check out more of my party themes.

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Safari Baby Shower Printables

My Royal Safari printables are available in our store. They make it so EASY to add pro designer style & personalization to your event. It’s like instant branding for your party! 🙌 Click here to buy this collection.

Royal Safari Printables

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by the Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds™ campaign. Thank you so much for supporting the companies that make it possible for me to keep the creative content coming your way!