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tangled princess party

Shimmery gold and lavender invitations sent from “Princess Rapunzel” invited guests to a Royal Tangled Princess Party celebrating Marisa’s birthday! Mom, Jackie of Jackie Culmer Photography and Design, “loved the challenge of making something Disney try not to be, well, too Disney.” A glance at the party highlights and you’ll agree with me that she did a great job!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Mini ombre purple “Rapunzel Tower” cakes
  • Gorgeous gold + lavendar handmade invitations with custom envelope liners
  • Dress up table with DIY Magic Golden Flower Hairspray
  • (Boy friendly!) Viking hat decorating station with foam sword party favors

tangled inspired dessert table

rapunzel tangled princess party

tangled royal invitation

berry cheesecakes

tangled party cupcakes

tangled princess birthday cake

princess crown station

princess party boy activity

tangled inspired birthday and boy friendly

tangled party favors


PARTY DETAILS, as to by Jackie

I was thrilled when my daughter told me she wanted a “Tangled” birthday. I loved the challenge of making something Disney try not to be, well, too Disney. The second challenge I was going to have was that my daughter has a lot of friends that are boys. It turns out, Tangled is the perfect Disney princess movie to include boys and adults – thanks to the lovable ruffians and pub thugs in the movie.

I wanted the decor to feel part royal, part pub/tavern. I mostly stuck with the color scheme from the movie – royal purple, light purple, and gold. I started with some hand made invitations using scrapbook papers purchased at Michaels and JoAnn’s. I loved that the paper felt hand made/old world, and had gold flecks in it. The purple envelopes were from Staples. I designed a coordinating return address seal and envelope liner to complete the invitation. I had decided early on to have a Rapunzel character come to the party, so the wording alluded to the fact that Rapunzel was hosting a royal celebration for Marisa. I used gold silk fabric to drape over the main activity area, the patio. I wanted to create the effect of golden hair tied with giant whimsical flowers, much like when Rapunzel’s hair gets braided in the movie.

For the dessert table, I worked with Kristin from Meringue Bake Shop who made all of my ideas taste AMAZING. We had “Mother Gothel’s Chocolate Hazelnut cupcakes (a little play on the mention of “Hazelnut soup” in the movie), “Atilla’s Vanilla Cupcakes” (Atilla being one of the pub thugs whose dream it was to bake!), mini blackberry cheesecakes dusted with gold powder, mini blackberry pies, a chocolate cake decorated with the sun emblem for Marisa to blow out her candles, and my personal favorite, “Rapunzel’s towers” which were purple ombre cake-lets that I had found on Pinterest and Kristin executed perfectly in looks and taste!!

The kids started out the party in a castle bounce house, and then moved on to activities. For the girls, I wanted to create a sort of a princess makeup salon similar to the idea of the “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique” at Disneyland. Each girls’ setting had a mini tiara comb, and in the center of the table were some shimmery purple and white eye shadows, lip glosses, gold sparkly eyeliner, blush, and various disposable applicators, all by e.l.f. cosmetics from Target which only cost $1 each! My favorite part of this table was the “Magic Golden Flower” hairspray I created. I bought gold shimmer hairspray that you would typically find around Halloween and created custom labels complete with directions on the back that read: “For magical glowing hair with special healing qualities: Shake well before using. Hold about twelve to eighteen inches away from hair and spray!” At the boys table, a sign invited them to “help Rapunzel live her dream – Join the Snuggly duckling pub thugs and pick up a hat and sword!” Each setting had a foam viking helmet ready to be decorated with foam stickers, and a trunk of blow up swords were nearby. The swords were a HUGE hit, and thank goodness I ordered the blow up ones and not the plastic ones!

The main event; however, was when Rapunzel arrived. All the kids were instantly enthralled by her and listened to her every word as she read the story of Tangled, sang a song from the movie, then taught Prince and Princess lessons which included learning how to curtsy and bow, wave, and have good manners! Afterwards, she posed with all of the kids under our tree with the wanted poster of Flynn Rider. Meanwhile, the parents were relaxing in the backyard at “The Snuggly Duckling” pub and enjoyed German brats, beers, and pretzels as an homage to the origination of the Rapunzel story coming from Germany. Each guest took home a favor bag I made by printing with a royal thank you emblem I designed onto small paper bags purchased at Michaels. I punched each bag with a Martha Stewart craft punch to create a luminaria effect that was reminiscent of the floating lanterns in the movie. The treat bags were filled with old  fashioned candies from Costco, “Tangled” tattoos, and a mini “Tangled” paint set.

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