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rustic wedding centerpiece tutorial

Hi there – it’s Amber here again from Amber Lay Events! As I mentioned last week, some of you may know me from my days as Editorial & Styling Assistant at HWTM. Now that I’m doing event coordinating and floral design full time, I am so excited to be the newest regular contributor for Hostess with the Mostess! If you missed my Candlesticks & Peonies post last Wednesday check it out here.


This week I wanted to share a DIY Wedding centerpiece idea that is not only packed with beautiful textures, but is also great for the environment since we are using recycled plastic containers!  The neutral color palette, combined the natural element of the bark, gives this centerpiece an earthy and warm feeling. Enjoy! Also, a big thank you to Camryn Clair for shooting this tutorial.

recycled container and bark wedding centerpiece diy tutorial

recycled container and bark wedding centerpiece diy tutorial




recycled container and bark wedding centerpiece diy tutorial

  • 5 Recycled Plastic Containers (from yogurt, cream cheese, etc.)
  •  Floral Foam Soaked in Water
  • Small Bucket or Big Vase Filled with Water
  • Floral Knife
  • Floral Clippers
  • Melaleuca Bark
  • Brown Yarn
  • 1 Bunch Bells of Ireland
  • 1 Stem of Kale
  • 1 Bunch White Lisianthus
  • 1 Bunch Stellata Pods


1. As soon as you get your flowers home from the market give them a quick cut with either your floral knife or clippers at a 45 degree angle and then place them directly into your vase filled with room temperature water. If your flowers came with plant food go ahead add that to the water and give it a quick stir before inserting the flowers.

2. Once your floral foam is completely soaked in water cut pieces that securely fit in each plastic container. Use your floral knife to cut the foam!

recycled container and bark wedding centerpiece diy tutorial

3. Wrap each container with a piece or two of the melaleuca bark and secure by wrapping the brown yarn around it and tying it off in a knot. Cut any loose yarn ends off.  Also, make sure to cover the container completely leaving excess bark at the top of the container to help cover the foam.

4. Now you are ready to insert your flowers! We will start with the Kale since it is the easiest one because there is just one stem. Measure the stem by holding it next to the container you wish to insert it in (a tall and thin container works best) and cut in the appropriate spot at 45 degree angle. You can use either your floral knife or your clippers to make the cut. Insert the stem into the foam filled container making sure it covers all of the foam. You can “fluff” the leaves and adjust the bark if some the foam is showing.

5. Next choose a container for the Lisianthus. Again hold the stems next to the container  and cut to the height you would like. Try to arrange the flowers in a loose but round shape. Make sure to turn the container after each stem’s insertion so that your centerpiece is three dimensional versus being one sided.

6. Now take your Stellata Pods and arrange them in one of the containers the same way you arranged the Lisianthus.

recycled container and bark wedding centerpiece diy tutorial

7. The only flowers left are the Bells of Ireland! To make your product go further cut the stems into 3 or 4 parts as shown. Use a shorter container for this one since the stems will be shorter after cutting them into several parts. The Bells of Ireland are not a heavy flower so they do not need long stems for support like the Kale does. Insert the pieces of Bells of Ireland into the container making sure all of the foam is covered. Again spin the container after each insertion so that you make a three dimensional arrangement.

8. Congrats! You are finished! Now arrange the five arrangements in a cluster if you are using them on a round table or you can arrange them in a staggered line if you have a long thin table.


  • Melaleuca bark peels naturally so you are likely to find plenty of it at the base of any melaleuca tree!
  • You can also adhere the bark by using spray adhesive instead of the yarn if you prefer no yarn in your centerpiece.
  • The Melaleuca tears easily and can be peeled into thinner sheets if need be so you will be able to size it according to the recycled plastic containers you are covering.

recycled container and bark wedding centerpiece diy tutorial

rustic wedding centerpiece using recycled containers and bark


Vendor Credit


  • By: Amber Lay
  • Photography By: Camryn Clair
  • Floral Foam Soaked in Water: Local Floral Supply Store or Michael’s
  • Small Bucket or Big Vase Filled with Water: Lowe’s
  • Floral Knife: Local Floral Supply Store
  • Floral Clippers: Local Floral Supply Store or Lowe’s
  • Melaleuca Bark: Local Melaleuca Trees
  • Brown Yarn: Michael’s
  • 1 Bunch Bells of Ireland: Local Floral Supply Store
  • 1 Stem of Kale: Local Floral Supply Store
  • 1 Bunch White Lisianthus: Local Floral Supply Store
  • 1 Bunch Stellata Pods: Local Floral Supply Store