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Even if you can’t afford that dreamy ocean-front home with the fabulous beach-side patio for entertaining (sigh…) , that doesn’t mean you can’t at least bring the beach to you! The trend in ocean/beach themed housewares this season is a breath of fresh air as we head into the warmer months, not to mention a great theme to work with for parties! (Who doesn’t love a trip to the beach?!) Here are a few cool products & ideas for creating your own personal seaside ambiance…

beach & ocean theme party Pictured above: Sea Urchin Bud Vases – LOVE THESE! ($24.95/set of 3); Vanilla Starfish & Seahorse Soap Set – great for guest bathrooms or as party favors ($14.95/set of 3); Embroidered Coral Beach Guest Towels ($13.95/set of 2)

beach & ocean theme party Pictured above: Level Glass Hurricanes . I absolutely adore these candleholder/vases, because in addition to looking seriously cool and being equally affordable, they’re incredibly versatile! The beach-themed setting above would also look great with decorative sand in place of the vase gems – and the possibilities for incorporating these into any tablescape – using everything from florals to shells to candies – are endless! ($8.95 /small, $9.95 /medium, and $11.95/large)