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Simple & Creative Outdoor Movie Night Ideas

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outdoor movie night drinks

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We’ve done a few movie nights in our backyard, and they’re always super fun! We use a big projector screen that was originally purchased for work presentations… it’s SO much more fun to use as a makeshift movie theater though. ;)

If you’re hosting friends over for a movie night, create a festive atmosphere with a cute little snack table display. I mean, what’s a movie without popcorn and drinks, right?! And if you’re a sweet tooth like me, then candy definitely needs to be in the mix too.

For the real showstopper though – make your guests feel extra special by serving personalized Coke bottles with their names on them! Display the bottles in an ice-filled beverage bucket with a little “STARRING” banner so that it makes them feel like the true stars of the party, which is how your invited guests should always feel, right?! You can download the little banners and the rest of my Movie Night printables for free right here.

backyard movie night snack ideas

Since popcorn and movies go hand in hand, the highlight of my snack table here is the mini popcorn buffet! I filled red and white striped bags with fresh popcorn (which should be done pretty close to serving time), and added some cute glittery gold heart stickers to the front.

I also designed a little POP of Flavor Sign and some coordinating Flavor Labels for the seasonings. At first I was just going to leave the seasonings as-is, but the bottles looked SO much cuter once they were wrapped. Well worth the extra effort! (I bought these popcorn seasonings here.)

free printable movie night popcorn sign

striped popcorn bags with gold glitter hearts

Have you ever tried Dill Pickle Seasoning on your popcorn? Might sound kind of random, but it’s surprisingly tasty… who knew!

movie night popcorn buffet flavors

I already mentioned the drinks above, but here’s a closer look at the personalized Coke bottles… wouldn’t you love showing up to a movie night somewhere and seeing your name on one of these?! Ya, me too… ;)

personalized coke bottles for movie night

Here’s a peek at the printable SNACKS Banner. Just print, cut, and string onto baker’s twine. The individual panels are sized at 3×4.25 inches. There’s also a 3rd decorative panel included in the printable file… and you can always make extra banners by just alternating the 3 decorative panels.

free printable movie night snacks banner

Now let’s talk about the CANDY real quick!

I picked up a few movie theater favorites – Red Vines, Sour Patch Kids, Whoppers, and Hot Tamales – and displayed them in acrylic food storage containers. For a little kitschy fun and a playful nod to the idea of “viewing”, I embellished the candy jars with wood cut-outs shaped like glasses (which I found at Michaels). 3D glasses would be a cute addition too!


Last but not least, here’s a closer look at the 8×10 Movie Night Sign since it’s a bit blurred in the opening photo. I displayed in a DIY glittered wooden frame that I made for a different party a while back and just keep coming back too. You can never go wrong with a glittery gold frame!

free printable outdoor movie night sign

Is it just me, or does the tallest candy jar kind of look like “Beaker” from The Muppets? ;)

outdoor movie night drinks and snacks

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