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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… especially if it “snows” in the form of cookies! 😉

For this sweet & easy holiday gift idea, you’ll need colorful berry baskets, which can be purchased on Amazon and several other places online. You’ll also need white craft paint, a pencil eraser, and beverage napkins with a holiday print.


  1. Dip the pencil eraser in white paint and use it to stamp “snow” all over the berry baskets.
  2. Open the beverage napkins and use them as decorative basket liners for the cookies.
  3. For the finishing touch, use glue dots or tape to attach a printable holiday scroll banner on top of each basket.

Holiday Cookies:

Shortbread “snowball” cookies are a clever match for the “Let it Snow!” tag, while a funfetti look feels very fitting for the “Comfort & Joy” design!

To make the “Snowy Funfetti” cookies, stir ½ cup rainbow sprinkles + a handful of snowflake sprinkles into your favorite shortbread or sugar cookie recipe.