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Halloween Donut Broomsticks

For Part 3 of the SPELLBOUND SWEETS Halloween table, we have some bewitched treat ideas that are much more “good witch” than “wicked”, but we don’t think anyone will complain! And that includes the party hostesses… these are super easy to put together! ;)

Read on for the easy how-to details on these Bewitched Donut Broomsticks and Witch’s Brew + Broomstick Drink Stirrers… (and click here to download the printable treat labels).

Halloween Witch's Brew



I fell in love with this “donut broomstick” idea when we featured this fabulous Bewitched party by Paula at Frog Prince Paperie! Just cut little bunches of raffia, fold them in half, and tie them to the end of wooden craft dowels using another piece of raffia. Trim any stray pieces until you’re happy with your “broom”. Paula used pre-cut corn cob skewers for her broomsticks, so that’s also an option… I just happened to have wooden dowels on hand already so I ran with those.

Once your broomsticks are done, slide mini doughnuts onto the broom “handle” and display the finished brooms on trays lined with decorative Halloween paper. (Click here to download the printable patterns we used.) You can also take this idea beyond the donut… for example, try mini cinnamon rolls or biscuits for a fun Halloween brunch!



Broomstick Drink Stirrers + Orange Sugar-rimmed Mason Jars = a fantastic-looking Halloween drink! These drink stirrers are basically the same “broomstick” concept as above on a smaller level. Cut small bundles of raffia, fold in half, and use another piece of raffia and/or thin orange ribbon to tie them to the end of bamboo skewers. Trim the bamboo skewers to the perfect height for your jars or glasses.

Sugar Rim:
Fill a small, flat bowl or container (wide enough to fit the mouth of your glasses or jars) with a little bit of light corn syrup, and pour orange sugar onto a separate, flat dish. Lightly dip the jar/glass into the corn syrup first, then into the colored sugar. Let dry. Make sure there’s enough corn syrup to give a very slight “drippy” effect at the rim, but don’t overdo it or the syrup will run too far down the sides, which makes for sticky hands!

When it comes to the “Brew” served in these jars, the sky is the limit… you can go as simple as orange soda or use orange food/drink coloring to turn your favorite cocktail or other beverage a perfect-for-Halloween shade of orange or deep black. Wilton has a great Halloween Drink Coloring Kit that comes with orange, green, purple, and black. I picked one up at Michaels. CHEERS!