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“Kreative & Krafty” Spongebob Birthday Party

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blow up sponge bob and krusty krab sign

Splish Splash! Come have a blast as we head over to the pineapple under the sea for a Sponge Bob Square Pants Birthday PartyMirosleidys of Chiquita Party Boutique brought the Krusty Krab to life with the perfect amount of Squarepants flair for Demi’s special day!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Sea Horse Lollipops, “Pop Kelp” and Patrick Inspired Cupcakes
  • Treasure Chest with a Jumbo Anchor and Pineapple Favors
  • Krabby Patty Birthday Cakes + Silly Spongebob Faces Banner

patrick cupcakes and green kelp popcorn

sponge bob krabby patty cake

sponge bob birthday party display and sea creature candy

sponge bob banner and desserts

sponge bob and nautical food table

pineapple in a cup

sponge bob drink display and kelp soda

sponge bob square pants party favors and food table

PARTY DETAILS, as told by Mirosleidys

Splash… we are headed into Spongebob world!  This party was a special one and we really wanted to embrace color and do something beautiful for Demi’s 7th Birthday Celebration.  Inspired by her love for Spongebob and everything in his world, Chiquita Party Boutique created a bash that was fun and graphic with all the detail of this famous character.

Demi’s celebration took place at her house in the outdoor pool area, so we used the surroundings to enhance the décor!  To begin, invitations with the expression “Splash… is Demi’s Birthday” were sent to each guest, giving it a feel of a story that had just begun.

Guests were greeted with “The Krusty Krab” restaurant food and the “Kelp Nougat Crunch” bar full of a wide array of sweets to enjoy.  All candies were carefully selected and displayed just like in the spongebob world.

  • “Blancmange” gelatins in magenta color with a light cream and a cherry on top
  • “Bon-Bon” chocolate balls
  • “PopKelp” popcorn always featured on the cinemas’ snack bar
  • “Sea horse milk” lollipops
  • Patrick cupcakes and of course the famous Krabby Party Burgers, “The Krabby Patties”
  • “Kelp Soda”, Cottom Candy and much more…

The favors were buckets filled out with all spongebob items and a big beach ball to enjoy the day at the pool.

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