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Sugar Cone Unicorn Horns (Party Treat!)

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PIN this unicorn recipe to try it later!

Sugar cones + colored melting candy + rainbow sprinkles = adorable and EDIBLE “Unicorn Horns”! I’ve made this treat a few times and it’s always a huge hit with the kids. 🦄🤩 These treats look especially cute on a unicorn dessert table, and you can swap the colors out to whatever matches your party!

Horn Stuffing (Optional)

If you wanna get extra fancy with these treats, you can also “stuff” the inside. Just be mindful of the fact that they’re served upside down when choosing your stuffing. 😉

One great option is to bake funfetti cake batter inside the sugar cones before decorating them. You’ll need a special sugar cone baking rack to do this.

Another fun idea: use a cake pop filling (a mixture of frosting & crumbled cake) that will stay put when turned the cones are turned upside down.




  • sugar cones
  • melting candy in pink, yellow, teal (or white + food coloring)
  • bowls & spoon for each color
  • pastry brush
  • pastel rainbow sprinkles (I bought the ones used here at Michaels)


  1. Melt the candy according to the directions on the bag, then paint 1-2 coats on each sugar cone, depending on how opaque you want the color.
  2. Add sprinkles to the cones while they’re still wet and let dry for 20 minutes.
  3. Store finished cones in the refrigerator until just before the party.

PIN this unicorn recipe to try it later!

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