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Super Mario Party Fun! 12 Creative Ideas (Part 1)

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Super Mario Party Printables

This project is sponsored and approved by Nintendo. As always, all thoughts, designs, and opinions are my own! Thank you for supporting the companies that make it possible to keep the creative content coming your way. 💛

Isn’t it crazy when things come full circle?

I remember playing the Super Mario Bros.™ game as a kid myself, and now I’m playing it with MY kids! It’s been cool to see our whole family interacting with iconic characters that still feel so familiar – like Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad. The way we play now may be different than when I was a kid – (we are loving our Nintendo Switch™ system these days!) – but those good vibes that are created when you play together still feel totally the same. 💛

Nintendo Switch - Party Activity

And speaking of beloved game characters and good vibes… what a great place to start for a PARTY THEME. Especially since the Super Mario™ franchise is absolutely bursting with bright colors and fun game elements. There are so many creative possibilities!

I’ve got 12 Super Mario party ideas to share with you today that are all DIY-friendly and doable. I’m going to break them into Part 1 and Part 2 posts, since there are lots of visuals to share. As I said earlier – so many creative possibilities… and apparently I wanted to try them all. 😉

Super Mario Party Drinks and Table

Super Mario Party Printables

BTW – My Super Mario printable collection is also available – for FREE!  🙌  You can even edit the text on the Banner and Tent Cards yourself – using my online customizer. Click here to check them out.

Super Mario Party Printables Free

Super Mario Inspired Party Ideas: 1 – 6

Super Mario Party Drinks

#1. Super Drinks

What’s in a name? Well, some creative thinking for starters… especially when it comes to the party drinks! Red party punch became our “Piranha Plant Punch” and a yellow lemonade-based punch was dubbed “Star Power Punch”.

The simple (and crowd-pleasing!) recipes for both of these drinks are below, and you can download the punch labels here. There’s also a blank version of the labels available, in case you want to give your drinks different names.

Piranha Plant Punch - Party Drink

– 1 gallon fruit punch
– 2 liters lemon-lime soda
– 46 oz pineapple juice (1 large can)

Mix all ingredients together and serve chilled or over ice.

Star Power Punch - Party Drink


  • 1 gallon lemonade
  • 2 liters ginger ale
  • 46 oz pineapple juice (1 large can)

Mix all ingredients together and serve chilled or over ice.

Printable Mario Party Sign - Candy Cart

#2. Mario’s Candy Cart

The idea I was MOST excited to bring to life for this party was a Mario Kart inspired candy buffet dubbed “Mario’s Candy Cart”. I just love a clever play on words… and any excuse to use candy, of course. ;)

Mario's Candy Cart

The kids gravitated to this cart pretty much instantly! All of the candies were named after various game elements – like Banana Peels (banana gummies), Red Shells (cherry sour balls), Gold Coins (chocolate coins), and more.

Super Mario Party Treats

Super Mario Fire Flower Veggie Tray

#3. PLAY-ful Fruits and Veggies

It’s definitely not all about the candy… you can get creative with healthy snacks, too! My youngest daughter usually pretends like vegetables are invisible – but even she couldn’t resist the super cute “Fire Flower” Veggie Tray. And all of the kids loved the mustache fruit cups. Just add mustache stickers of any kind to small punch cups, fill with fruit, and done!

Mustache party snacks - fruit cups

P.S. For an extra pop of creativity on the fruit cups, you can stick white chocolate chips into the strawberry garnish to make it look like a Piranha Plant!

Super Mario Party Kids Pizza Station

#4. Luigi’s Power Up Pizza Station

The kids had lots of fun making their own pizzas – and I loved that the main meal doubled as another activity to keep them busy! We had 16 kids at this party, so it took some extra thought to keep things from getting chaotic. Here are a few elements that helped:

  • using store-bought, refrigerated biscuit dough for the individual pizza crusts
  • opting for squeezable pizza sauce (over messier jars or bowls)
  • setting up parchment paper “placemats” for each child, pre-set with their dough and a spoon
  • writing names on the parchment paper so we could keep track of the pizzas while they baked

Kids Party Pizza Station

Kids Party Pizza Station

Super Mario Party Centerpiece

#5. Table A – Mario Kart Inspired

The characters and game elements are front and center on this first table design! A checkered “racing flag” runner gives a nod to the Mario Kart series, and 5″ mini balloons and printable signs add a big burst of color.

The centerpiece is a World of Nintendo character figure “holding balloons”. If you’re setting multiple tables, switch up the colors and characters on each centerpiece to keep the look fresh! To make the balloon sticks, slip party straws over wood dowels, then tie small balloons to the top. I used small dabs of hot glue to secure the elements in place. (The dry glue peeled right off after the party.)

Mario Kart Party Table

The place settings are clear plastic plates set on top of removable Super Mario Wall Decals. This felt like a fun twist on the standard party plate and was definitely commented on a lot by the guests! Colorful napkins in a variety of colors and patterns added visual interest as well.

To decorate the chair backs, I used mustaches from the printable Mario and Luigi masks available at play.nintendo.com and enlarged them to 8” wide.

Super Mario Party Ideas

Super Mario Mushroom Kingdom Decor

#6. Table B – Mushroom Kingdom Inspired

For the 2nd party table, I wanted to bring elements of Mushroom Kingdom to life in an “artsy” way. Metallic gold paper plates represented giant “Coins” (the main currency of Mushroom Kingdom).  I cut clouds from white card stock and used them as a place setting accent. Here’s my cloud template in printable format or as a shape template for cutting machines. You can also just free-hand cut your clouds.

The centerpiece is a DIY take on a “Super Mushroom” flanked by “Warp Pipes with Piranha Plants”. The mushroom is made from an upside down plastic bowl sitting on top of a short ceramic planter. The bowl was part of an inexpensive set I found recently ($5 for a set of 3). I used 2 coats of craft paint to add the white circles.

Mario Party Mushroom Kingdom Table

The small “warp pipes” are PVC pipe fittings (available at home improvement stores) spray painted green and filled with floral foam. For a subtle (and easy!) nod to Piranha Plants, tie red balloons to green-painted dowels. There are lots of details you can add to make realistic looking Piranha Plants as well, but this is a quick and welcome solution when you’re short on time…or patience! 😜

super mario party diy decorations

The chairs of the Mushroom Kingdom table are decorated with pre-cut foam stars, which are available in most of the big craft stores. I used 3D adhesive dots to secure them to the chairs.

Next Up – Part 2

That’s it for Part 1. Click here to head on over to Part 2 (ideas 7-12) for lots more Super Mario party fun!

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    Hi Jenn,

    Thank you for this detailed Super Mario party ideas. Playing Super Mario is indeed exciting and so much fun. Kids must have enjoyed making and decorating their own Luigi Power Up Pizza. :)


    Marta of Partituki

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